Eddie Hall vs Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson: The Beast puts on nearly a stone over Christmas


He’s deadlifted 500kg, he’s a former World’s Strongest Man and he’s known as The Beast.

It’s, of course, Eddie Hall, who might be human after all judging from his latest Instagram post.

On December 28, Hall posted a picture of himself stating he had put on nearly a stone over Christmas, with him now weighing in at 163kg.

But, as expected, he still looked in fantastic shape with many fans pointing out the size of his calves.

With the amount of achievements he has worked for, you can’t say he hasn’t earned this treat over the festive period.


The Englishman, who was born in Newcastle-upon-Lyme, claimed that he was ‘always destined for the top’ and he was very determined to get there.

This competitive streak apparently came from when he was around the age of five, when he joined a swimming club with his older brothers.

When Hall he wasn’t put in the same set as his siblings, he became annoyed and realised that he would have to start working and training harder. And it wasn’t long until he was rewarded for his hard work.

In 2001, when he was just 13, he entered the UK Nationals swimming competition, where he picked up four golds and a silver whilst setting two British records in the process. This was also the year that Hall started lifting weights, inspired and motivated by his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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However, it possibly became too much for Eddie when he was 14 and selected for the GB youth squad. Hall revealed that this was around the time he slipped into depression. This obviously had a major impact on his home life, school and within his swimming squad.

Hall’s recovery from depression, however, was helped by the film Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he focused himself on looking like the famous bodybuilder.

He told his family that he was going to have the body of Schwarzenegger, and nothing was going to stop him.

He stuck to this plan religiously. He was dedicated to the gym whilst still focusing on his job as an apprentice technician. Hall jokingly revealed he needed a job to pay for all the protein supplements he was now buying.



He also believes that being in the workplace environment gave him vital skills and traits which he’s carried with him through his motivational and inspiring life.

This all helped lead him on the path to success of breaking many world records, lifting the ‘impossible’ half a tonne weight and ultimately becoming the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ back in 2017.

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