Brock Lesnar's perfect Shooting Star Press is still so insane to watch

  • Craig Rae

To fans of a certain vintage, WrestleMania XIX was a show of many things.

The Rock vs Stone ColdTriple H burying Booker T and a crazed Vince McMahon.

For many, though, the defining moment of that show and perhaps a generation was Brock Lesnar pulling off a Shooting Star Press against Kurt Angle in the main event.

Putting everything on the line (quite literally), Lesnar climbed up to the top rope with the fans wondering what the near 300-pound beast would do.

After somersaulting off and crashing into Angle below, the man’s character was called into question: “If you’re ever going to do it, the main event of WrestleMania would be the time.”

Those were the words of former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz.

Him and other WWE Superstars have discussed the incident on shows on the WWE network previously, but you can only wonder what possessed The Beast Incarnate to put his career and life on the line.



It’s not as if this was a one-off occasion, Lesnar regularly stole the show in post attitude, ruthless aggression era that elevated him to stardom.

He has in fact pulled off this move several times before and done so with perfection.

Of course, the Angle moment will always be remembered due to the event, but to remember how good Lesnar’s athletic ability is, we need to look at the man and not the occasion, as these videos show.

Some of the replies on the tweets showing a successful Shooting Star Press sum up how crazy but genius the Beast was being.

“Makes no got damn sense,” one said, whilst another posted, “It’s like a giant boat flipping through the air.”

Who could forget the classic hands over face in horror gif that encapsulates what all fans felt whenever he performed the move!

Lesnar’s WWE career is still going strong, having returned at SummerSlam this year as a face for the first time in years.

He will no doubt continue to be the dominant and all-powerful athlete that we have come to know him as, but we can’t help but wonder if he will attempt another bold move ever again.

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