Toni Storm release: Former NXT star let go by WWE after asking to leave

Toni Storm has left WWE

Toni Storm has left WWE, according to reports from several reputable sources.

Earlier on this evening, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that Toni Storm was “gone” from WWE.

Some speculated that Storm had been released by WWE due to ‘budget cuts’ like many other wrestlers this year, but that isn’t the case.

Since Sapp’s initial tweet, it has emerged that Toni Storm actually asked to leave WWE, and the company granted the former NXT star her release today.

Through Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp has provided some additional information on the matter.

Thankfully, the report notes that people close to Toni say she is “fine” when asked about any “extenuating circumstances” surrounding her release.

We reached out to people close to Toni said that things were fine when we asked about extenuating circumstances, and how she was doing.

Sapp goes on to report that Storm flew herself home from WWE’s post-Christmas tour yesterday after working a match with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks.

Storm worked a triple threat match at last night’s WWE live event, and PWInsider noted that talent indicated she flew herself home. This is also what we’ve heard from other talent.

The report finishes by saying that people within WWE were left “blindsided” by Storm asking to leave the company.

However, higher-ups felt as if they couldn’t deny Storm’s release request after having released so many other wrestlers due to “budget cuts” in 2021.

We’ve been told that many within WWE were “blindsided” by the news of Storm asking for her release. One source within the company we spoke to said that it would have been difficult for WWE to justify not granting someone their release after several rounds of “budget cuts.”

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