AEW: Title: AEW: TBS Womens Championship Final confirmed as Jade Cargill remains undefeated.

In the final episode of Dynamite on TNT we returned to Daily’s Place for New Years Smash. It was an undisputed main event when Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and the debut of the violent artist, Kyle O’Reilly squared off in a trio’s match with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Also, the match to determine the inaugural TBS Champion was officially confirmed for next week’s Dynamite.

Matt Hardy, Private Party and FTR def Christian Cage, Jurassic Express, and Lucha Brothers
A hard-hitting technical display that saw both teams slug it out back and forth for most of the match. With an array technical, high-flying spots from both teams. 

However, in the closing moments of the match, as Penta was setting up for the Fear Factor, Christian tagged himself in causing conflict between the two tag partners for the night, allowing FTR to capitalise and hit the Big Rig to pick up the victory for their team.

Daniel Garcia and 2.0 def Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz
The rivalry between 2.0 and Kingston has been building up for weeks and Kingston was out for vengeance after Garcia stole a victory the last time Kingston was in a ring with a member of the trio.
Kingston showcased his signature hard-hitting style levelling Garcia and his fellow 2.0 members. In the closing moments of the bout, Santana and Ortiz gain momentum with some smooth tag team wrestling. As Santana sets up for an assisted moonsault Ortiz thinks that he has executed it but Lee got the knees up just in time, giving him a window of opportunity to steal a victory by rolling Santana up and grabbing the tights.

In the post moments of the match, Garcia lines up Santana and cracks him with the ring bell which is simultaneously met with the music of a returning Chris Jericho who levels the playing field.

However, the tension between Kingston and Jericho is obvious and the two exchange words in a heated face to face in which Santana and Ortiz must intervene so the two don’t brawl.

MJF Promo-

MJF discusses how CM Punk was the one running from him in last week’s six-man tag team match on Rampage, following up with the fact that Punk isn’t worth his time. He continues to announce that his focus is to get a little championship gold around his waist.

MJF turns his attention to fellow Pinnacle member Wardlow explaining how he wants him to build up wins to climb the rankings and enter the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match so he can capture the TNT Championship.

It is later explained that inside Wardlow’s contract with MJF that whatever Championship gold he holds, he must relinquish and grant to MJF.

Lucha Bros and Jurassic Express Backstage Promo-
Christian Cage exchanges some words with the Lucha Brothers and issues a challenge for next week’s dynamite for the Lucha Brothers to put the AEW Tag Team Titles on the line against Jurassic Express.

Wardlow def Colin Delaney
Wardlow going into the match has the longest active winning streak in AEW, accumulating 16 wins in a row so far. Yet again he made light work of his opponent crushing him with a flurry of powerbombs in a quick and vicious victory.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly promo-

O’Reilly lets Cole know the way people survive in AEW is factions and he addresses to Cole he is willing to start fresh, but it is for Cole to show if he has his back.

American Top Team promo-

The group of Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky alongside Dan Lambert discuss the new TNT Champion Cody Rhodes. They discuss how Cody is a terrible champion and even go on to talk about Cody’s family, more specifically Cody’s wife Brandi.
Brandi and Lambert exchange verbal insults until things get heated and Dustin Rhodes interferes. As he checks on Brandi he is blindsided by Sky and Page who takes a cheap shot and exit the ring.

TBS Championship Semi-finals- Jade Cargill def Thunder Rosa

This final semi-finals match saw the winner go on to face Ruby Soho in the final next week on Dynamite where the inaugural TBS Champion will be determined.

Going into the bout both women had great momentum with Cargill still undefeated at 21 wins and 0 losses and Rosa beating the likes of Jamie Hayter to earn this opportunity.

As the match began it was clear Rosa had a game plan, immediately targeting the knee of Jade so she can destroy the vertical base, minimising the devastating power of Cargill.

As the match advances Rosa tries everything in her power to take Jade down, continuously focusing on Jades’ knee through a series of attempted kneebars and even a figure four submission.

In the closing moments of the match the referee is distracted by Smart Mark Sterling who attempts to give his client Jade some water. As the referee is distracted Rosa sets Jade up for another figure four attempt where Jade reverses and kicks Rosa towards the corner where she is levelled by a masked individual. 

Cargill capitalises and hits a devastating jaded, picking up the victory and advancing to the final next week against Ruby Soho.

After the match, Rosa and Cargill clash again but the masked individual shifts the equilibrium and continues the attack on Rosa. This mystery person later reveals their identity, for it to be Mercedes Martinez who is very established in the professional wrestling world. As the assault continues none other than Jade’s opponent next week, Ruby Soho charges towards the ring to level the playing field.

CM Punk promo-

Punk addresses the AEW fans while paying a very touching tribute to the late great Brodie Lee on the anniversary of his passing and welcoming back the returning Jim Ross to the commentary table.

Punk talks to the AEW crowd about MJF and the fact he may not see him inside the squared circle anytime soon, following up with the fact that he may pay MJF a visit on his quest for pretty platinum, while Punk is on the quest for gold himself.

Sammy Guevara segment-

Shows his signs to the AEW fans explaining how he will beat Cody and eventually regain and become a two-time TNT Champion.

Brian Pillman Jr promo-

Pillman addresses Malakai Black’s victory over his partner Griff Garrison. Pillman continues to explain how it is his turn to take a trip to the House of Black but he won’t do it the way that he wants and that next week he will see a new Brian Pillman Jr.

Instantaneously the lights cut out and the enigmatic Malakai Black appears on the stage, removes his mask, and points at Pillman, accepting his challenge.

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly def Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.

This main event saw an undisputed return of Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly as a trio. They were looking to get their ALL-ELITE career as a group off to a good start.

Throughout the match, both trios had good momentum with Red Dragon (Fish and O’Reilly) executing a series of well-worked tag team manoeuvres, while Orange Cassidy and Best Friends showcased some good spots.

In the closing moments of the match as Adam Cole is recovering, O’Reilly sets up a running boot to a stunned Cassidy which ends up hitting Cole instead, disputing their reunion momentarily.

However the match ended with O’Reilly picking up the victory with him and Fish hitting Chuck Taylor with Chasing the Dragon.

Post-match saw a stand-off between Red Dragon and the Young Bucks who have bad blood in their history with each other. 

You can watch AEW internationally on FITE TV.

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