PlayStation 5: Man victim of cruel Christmas Day prank involving console


A man who was hoping to be gifted a PlayStation 5 for Christmas was, instead, on the end of a brutal prank executed by his scheming godmother.

Tamera Truxillo Lall, last Christmas, gifted her godson McKenna a PS5 candle which says, ‘smells like you’re not getting one,’ on the label.

In the moments before he opens the gift, he can be heard saying he hopes the gift isn’t coal, but, little did he know, the gift may be slightly worse.

The video captioned: “And the tradition of his Nanny being an a****** continues,” sees McKenna being greeted with the small-scented candle with its mocking label.

Whilst he tried to be gracious in his disappointment, he said: “This is foul,” as he realised he was not actually getting the PS5.

His family can be heard laughing in the background as he shakes his head.

The clip of the exchange has recently gained renewed attention, going viral on TikTok with nearly three million views and 660k likes.

Many viewers have been in hysterics over the video, with one TikTok user commenting: “Ouch. That coal sounds pretty good rn, doesn’t it?”

Another added: “Not gonna lie, that was a good one.”

A third expressed: “By far the best Christmas video I’ve seen today.”

The PS5 was released in November 2020 and became one of the most sought-after gifts for the year.



McKenna was not alone in his disappointment as a lot of people were unable to get their hands on the console, with ‘No PS5’ trending on Twitter on Christmas Day as millions of people had their expectations dashed.

According to The Guardian, Sony struggled to cope with the increased demand for the console during the pandemic, and they were also dealing with ‘scalpers,’ who purchased the PS5s to resell them for a higher price.

Luckily, this year, it seemed much easier for people to be able to get their hands on the desired product, so hopefully less people were faced with the same brutal love afforded to McKenna.

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