Ronaldinho defied physics with outrageous pass for Barcelona in 2006

  • Kobe Tong

Ronaldinho has created special footballing memories like no other.

While the Barcelona legend certainly doesn’t have the numbers to match Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, you can rest assured that he’s produced just as many mind-blowing moments.

The joy of Ronaldinho and the happiness that he brought to the beautiful game was so often present in the skills and tricks that were so unique that you never saw them coming.

The genius of Ronaldinho

Who knows, maybe it actually worked against the Brazilian icon when it came to his output but there’s no denying that it made him a worldwide attraction for people wanting to be blown away.

As seriously as we all like to take football, we’ve sometimes got to remember that it’s an entertainment business and Ronaldinho is arguably the GOAT when it comes to that perspective.

From assisting a goal with his back to dancing before scoring against Chelsea, Ronaldinho has produced countless moments of footballing genius for us to look back on around New Year.

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Ronaldinho’s hidden gems

However, we think that the best way to celebrate the invention of Ronaldinho would actually come through the medium of one of his lesser-known flashes of genius. A hidden gem, if you will.

Because if there is any downside to Ronaldinho being world famous for his entertaining brand of football, then it’s the fact that some of his finest moments are replayed to the point of tedium.

But we’re inclined to think that isn’t the case with Ronaldinho’s glorious pass for Barcelona against Celta Vigo during the 2005/06 season despite the fact it could probably still do with explaining.


Ronaldinho’s outrageous pass for Barcelona

Having just controlled the ball with an effortless first touch, Ronaldinho released an outrageous pass across the penalty area that seemed to travel with an almost superhuman level of accuracy.

Not only did Ronaldinho find his intended target in Henrik Larsson, but the trajectory of the ball proving so laser-straight makes it one of the most aesthetically-pleasing passes we’ve ever seen.

So, sit back and relax as you enjoy the umpteen-millionth moment that Ronaldinho proved his footballing genius by reminiscing on his pass against Celta Vigo down below:

It looks too good to have been pulled off by a human, doesn’t it?

A flash of Ronaldinho genius

There’s just something about the way that Ronaldinho struck the ball that makes it look as though it’s been fired off by cannon, such is the unerring accuracy and lack of movement and spin.

And although it would have been truly remarkable if Larsson had managed to cap it off with a goal, the pass is arguably all the more special for being a hidden gem because it never became an assist.

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All in all, it’s quite a neat and tidy summary of what made Ronaldinho so special because the flair and skill that he put into his game was so frequent that it transcended goals and assists.

Frankly, you could cut a compilation of Ronaldinho’s finest moments that weren’t involved in a goal contribution at all and it would still make for a better watch than most players’ career highlights.



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