Nemanja Vidic: Man Utd hero once laughed off a kung fu kick from Micah Richards

Nemanja Vidic: Man Utd hero once laughed off a kung fu kick from Micah Richards

One of the most intimidating players of his generation, very few opponents got the better of Manchester United icon Nemanja Vidic at the peak of his powers.

The mammoth Serbian centre-back, who made exactly 300 appearances for the club across all competitions during his time with the Red Devils, played with an assuredness that few at the top level have replicated. 

He relished a physical confrontation on the pitch – and wasn’t exactly known for backing down.

For as much as he loved a full-blooded challenge, though, Vidic was not a fan of the simulation that often followed a coming together in the heat of battle.

A fearsome competitor, conning a referee to win a decision was never his style.

When he was kung-fu kicked in the stomach by Micah Richards during the Manchester derby in August 2007, though, few neutrals would have complained if Vidic had remained on the turf for a little while.



Clattered by a reckless high boot from the Man City defender while contesting an aerial ball, Vidic was somehow the first of the pair back to his feet after the nasty-looking episode.

Brushing the collision off like it was nothing, the United man got up with a smile on his face.

In an ironic twist, it was offender Richards who came off second best. The former England international was left writhing in pain and required treatment from the City medical team on the pitch before play could resume.

You can check out the incident for yourself below.

Watch: Nemanja Vidic wasn’t bothered in the slightest after being caught by a kung fu kick from Micah Richards

Footage of Vidic’s superb reaction has now been viewed more than three million times on YouTube – with fans in the comments section gleefully pointing out that Richards picked the wrong man to tangle with. 

“That’s what you get for kicking a brick wall,” declared one reply.

“‘When Vidic left his home, he told his dad ‘you’re man of the house now’,” joked another.

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“I have a sneaky suspicion Vidic is Chuck Norris’ offspring,” suggested a third response in jest.

Crossing the United legend was rarely a good idea – and this clip proves why.

They don’t make them like Vidic anymore. 


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