James Maddison: Leicester star posts video of his ‘day in the life’ as a footballer

James Maddison posted his 'day in the life' as a footballer

Footballers live a quite incredible life.

Playing football for a living is the dream of millions and millions of people across the globe.

Not only do footballers get to play the most popular sport in the world on a daily basis but the very best get paid handsomely to do it.

James Maddison is one individual that is lucky and talented enough to play the sport for a living.

The Leicester City midfielder, who is in his fourth season playing in the Premier League, has emerged into one of the best players in the country.



The 25-year-old has recently posted a video on TikTok which gives an insight into what life is like to be a Premier League footballer.

And to say that it’s incredible would be an understatement. Watch the clip below:


The clip starts with Maddison getting ready for training. He shows off his insane shoe collection, which features over 20 pairs, while he also shows off his wardrobe.

The midfielder then steps out of his door and shows off two of the cars in his collection: two Lamborghinis.

Maddison arrives at training and all we can say is: ‘wow’. Leicester’s training complex looks absolutely incredible.

Maddison shows off numerous rooms in the complex, including the canteen, dressing room, gym and physiotherapy room.

The Englishman also goes to the swimming pool and pushes Hamza Choudhury in.

Maddison has food and plays pool with his teammates before heading home, where he walks his dogs and plays with his child.

View some reaction to the video below…


What a life. There may be one or two people that feel just a bit jealous after viewing the video.

Maddison, as well as anyone that calls themselves a professional footballer, really are living the dream.

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