Greatest snooker shots: Stephen Maguire's 'most remarkable' shot left opponent speechless


Back in 2020, Stephen Maguire produced one of the greatest trick shots in snooker history and left everyone inside Alexandra Palace stunned. 

The Scot was competing against Neil Robertson in the first round of the 2020 Masters when he pulled off the incredible double fluke.

Maguire fired a red ball towards the pocket, promoting his white ball to fly off the table and skim over a cluster of reds.

It looked as though he had put too much power on his shot, but the red bounced out of the pocket before rolling back in with a tremendous amount of backspin.

Unfortunately for Maguire whilst he was watching the red nestle in the pocket, he also ended up potting the white.

After skimming the reds, the ball deflected off the pocket and hugged the cushion all the way into the pocket at the top of the table.


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Even his opponent Robertson couldn’t believe what he had just seen the 39-year-old pull off.

Cameras caught the Australian’s awe-stricken reaction, adding to the now-iconic moment.

Fans on social media were also quick to react to the moment, with one viewer commenting: “Neil Robertson’s face is just priceless.”

Another user claimed: “Robertson’s face is a work of art.”

One fan said: “I feel cheated” because the white ball was potted rendering the shot a foul.

The moment wasn’t lost on commentator Steve Davis who described the shot as, “The most amazing shot in the history of snooker.”

Maguire was 5-1 down when he pulled off the amazing shot and would go on to win the thrilling battle 6-5.

The Glasgow-native’s journey in the tournament would come to an end in the next round when he lost 6-2 to David Gilbert.

Since then, he’s gone on to reach the last 32 of the World Grand Prix, the semi-final of both the 2020 Players’ Championship and the 2021 Welsh Open.

The five-time ranking event winner reached the quarter-final in the 2021 Masters before losing 6-5 to the eventual winner Yan Bingtao.

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