Jake Paul to retire from boxing & fight Jorge Masvidal in UFC if Dana White accepts demands


It’s not enough for Jake Paul to just knock UFC fighters out in boxing bouts.

He has now set out an astonishing set of demands to UFC chief Dana White in order to get fighters better pay and healthcare.

Social media personality Paul recently beat former UFC lightweight champion Tyron Woodley for the second time after his eagerly anticipated fight with Tommy Fury had fallen through.

The 24-year-old tweeted his list of demands and surprisingly, he actually makes some good points.

Firstly, he wants to increase the minimum pay for a fight to $50k – it’s currently only $12k.

In his next point, he’s asked White to guarantee fighters 50% of the annual revenues that the organisation earn.

And thirdly, he asks that competitors are provided long-term healthcare as there are many who are suffering from brain damage as a result of the sport.


You’d think that fighters taking part in a combat sport would be well protected considering they’re putting themselves in the firing line, but apparently not, according to Paul’s third point.

He makes some really valid remarks, but he then demands that White has five days to accept and to put in place by March 31 – what happens if it takes six days?

Paul then promises that he’ll immediately retire from boxing and agree a one-fight deal with Jorge Masvidal if these points are implemented.

He ends the tweet with a message to the UFC fighters saying: “You deserve higher pay, long-term healthcare and, above all, you deserve freedom.”



That’s fair enough, but you could argue that it’s probably not his place to be asking for all this, considering that all he’s done since he started his boxing career is call out multiple mixed martial artists.

Also, if he says that he’ll have a fight in the UFC if all requests are met, then is he not just looking out for himself and trying to earn as much as he possibly can?

We’ll see in the next five days if White agrees with Paul, but his tweet should definitely be considered because risking your life in the Octagon deserves a lot more credit.

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