Conor McGregor's physique continues to get bigger as he bulks up even more


You’d perhaps imagine after suffering an injury to the extent that he did back in July, Conor McGregor would be taking it easy for a while after breaking his entire leg.

Except, Conor McGregor isn’t most people.

Since that horrific injury, McGregor has been on the recovery trail. And as evidenced by a recent Instagram post, IT SHOWS.

Given he couldn’t exactly train his lower body with that kind of leg injury, McGregor has piled on the pounds to become the beefiest of beefy boys through the strength training of his early days in recovery.

In that time, McGregor has ballooned to the point where he has weighed as much as 190lb! That’s some beef!

Some put forward the notion that McGregor could be a heavyweight contender with that newfound beef, but a challenge at Charles Oliveira’s UFC lightweight championship seems the most likely to be in the Irishman’s immediate future.


A controversial decision perhaps given McGregor has been racking up the losses in his previous fights against Dustin Poirier, but the box office drawing power of this new, beefier Conor McGregor has no boundaries.

Amazingly, McGregor could jump ahead of Justin Gaethje to become the top contender to Oliveira’s belt.

Chael Sonnen commented on this in a lengthy statement on his YouTube channel by saying: “There’s a story going around that Conor McGregor is going to return right into a title fight with Charles Oliveira.

“To support that story is a guy who has a say in this called Charles Oliveira. Charles said, ‘Justin Gaethje, you’ve done everything right and it’s no disrespect but step aside, I’m getting my red panty night.’



“Okay, well, we have to listen to the champion of the world. We don’t wanna disrespect Justin Gaethje but put that on hold.

“Oliveira gets to do what’s best for him and he’s made it very clear that he will push the number one contender aside, whoever the hell it is. Happens to be Justin Gaethje.

“But whoever it is, he will push them aside if it means red panty night against Conor McGregor.”

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