Khabib Nurmagomedov talking & pounding his opponent at the same time is terrifying


Cageside footage of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s victory over American fighter Michael Johnson has resurfaced online and it makes for terrifying viewing.

When the two fighters met at UFC 205 back in 2016, it made for an interesting fight.

Johnson had just beaten Dustin Poirier in a first-round knockout and had earned his first Performance of the Night bonus. This stood him in good stead to take on the unbeaten Khabib in his next fight.

Khabib wasn’t particularly happy, however, at the prospect of facing Johnson. The Russian fighter was angered by the decision of the UFC to not give him a title shot against Eddie Alvarez, who ended up fighting, and losing to, Conor McGregor. The Russian, meanwhile, had to settle on a fight against The Menace.

The fight ended up going the way many predicted, and The Eagle was able to send the UFC a message, not only through his fighting.

Khabib had his opponent on the floor and gave him a warning, telling the American: “You have to give up.”

He then continued: “I need to fight for the title, you know this I deserve.”

He then asked Johnson if he agreed, before landing a barrage of powerful punches onto the American’s head, after which he stated everyone agreed he deserved his title shot.

The way Khabib handled Johnson would have sent shivers down the spine of any of his potential opponents. He spoke to Johnson as if the American had never stepped foot in the Octagon before and the arrogance he showed to speak like this whilst fighting was incredible.

It is obvious to see why so many of Khabib’s fellow competitors show him the upmost respect and Georges St-Pierre, who is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, is no different.

“For me Khabib is one of the scariest because he’s beating you down, he’s not only beating you but he’s breaking you mentally and for me that is the scariest and he is the scariest guy pound for pound.”



It is the ability to completely annihilate an opponent which makes Khabib such a scary prospect, and as GSP stated, Khabib has the ability to beat you in every possible way, both mentally and physically.

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