Roy Keane vs Peter Schmeichel: Man Utd legends clashed after Dane belittled youngster

Roy Keane and Peter Schmeichel at Manchester United

Roy Keane clashed with multiple opponents throughout his career as a professional footballer.

But he didn’t just clash with opponents – he also didn’t get along with all of his teammates.

It’s no secret that Keane and Peter Schmeichel did not see eye-to-eye.

Both were incredible players and they enjoyed great success during their six years together at Manchester United.

But they just did not get along.

There are countless stories of the two coming to blows during their time at the Red Devils.

Speaking on Keane’s 50th birthday last year, former United youngster Dessie Baker revealed how his compatriot stood up for him when he was belittled by Schmeichel in the dressing room.



Baker was just 16 years old at the time.

“I had Roy, I had Denis, Peter Schmeichel, Giggsy… I had five pairs of boots to clean every morning,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“What you do is you bring the boots and put them on their pegs for the boys, before they start training.

“Of course I was only 16 at the time. I remember walking into the changing room, going, oh my God, look at the players in this dressing room.

Roy Keane and Peter Schmeichel came to blows many times at Man United

“I remember putting the boots down one day. The dressing room was packed with all the first-team players.

“I was walking out of the room and Peter Schmeichel said to me, ‘Irish’.

“I looked back and I went back to him. Everybody was looking at me, all the first-team players. I was like, ‘Oh my God’.

“He said something like, ‘Can I see my face in these boots?’

“I was all panicky. I got all nervous. ‘I don’t know’, I said.

“‘Do them properly. And get me some tea and toast’.”

Roy Keane at Manchester United

Keane was not happy and took the opportunity to confront the Danish goalkeeper.

“I was walking out of the changing room and Roy stood up. ‘Excuse me, Dessie, isn’t it?’ I said, ‘Yeah’. He said, ‘Come here for a second’.

“They never really saw eye to eye, Roy and Schmeichel. It was true. There were always bits and bobs like that happening.

“Anyway, Roy pushed back and said, ‘Here, his name is not Irish, it’s f****** Dessie. If you’ve got a problem with your boots, then tell him, don’t be smart’.

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“He turned to me. ‘Don’t get him tea and toast, he’ll get his own tea and toast’.

“Roy says, ‘Go on, I’ll talk to you later’.

“So that was the first encounter I really had with Roy. It was like he was looking after me straight away from the get-go.”

Baker will never forget the moment stood up for him.

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