Vinnie Jones' story of him wiping out a 5-year-old mascot before Leeds game is gold

Vinnie Jones wiped out a five-year-old mascot when he was at Leeds

Vinnie Jones is arguably the hardest footballer in Premier League history.

To say that Jones had a short fuse would be an understatement.

An intimidating midfielder, Jones would fly into tackles and clash with opponents on a frequent basis.

He took no prisoners on the football pitch.

He loved taking people out so much that he actually wiped out a five-year-old mascot before a Leeds game.



Yes, really.

An image taken in 1998 shows Jones slide tackling a child in a warm-up before a match.

Jones appeared on Soccer AM in 2016 and he was asked about the picture.

The Brit’s response was gold. Watch him speak about the moment below… (from 2:08)

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He said: “He had to have it. He had to go. He was giving it all that on the way out he was. Started getting the crowd going. Mervyn Day was in goal. He smashed one past Merv in the top corner. So I thought ‘he’s got to go’.

“It was before the game. I was just getting warmed up.

“When you go out with the mascots and you are holding hands, I thought ‘has anyone ever taken one out?’ That would be a crack.

Vinnie Jones in action for Wimbledon

“It was really wet and slidy as well. I went to Batts [David Batty]: ‘Watch this’. He went: ‘No! No!'”

“I went sliding in. I slid quite a long way. I took his legs out just as he was about to smack one at the ‘keeper.”

When told his name was Rob Kelly and he was five years old, Jones replied: “Five?! I thought he was at least six!”

Kelly was actually in the studio on the day and reunited with Jones. After they shook hands, Jones said: “I’m not apologising. He should have stood up! Went down a bit easy.”

What a character Jones is.

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