Floyd Mayweather: Hypnotic footage of 'Money' during his prime doing mitt work with his uncle


With an impressive 50-0 win record, there is no doubt that Floyd Mayweather Jr. holds a place in the boxing hall of fame.

Even after his final retirement in 2017, (almost ten years after his first) ‘Money’ Mayweather’s career still has fans split on how talented Mayweather actually was.

The five-time world boxing champion is often associated with his technical prowess. The clinical ability to strike precisely when his opponent is off-guard.

Perhaps a fight that showcased this best was his January 2001 clash with the late Diego Corrales. A fight in which Mayweather delivers five jabs within fifteen seconds, this was ultimately a turning point in the match since Corrales could never regain his form.

Yet, when you look at Mayweather’s origins, it really is no surprise to how he became one of the best defensive boxers of all-time.

Floyd Mayweather Sr, was a former welterweight contender who went toe-to-toe with the likes of the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard.


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Mayweather Jr. was also aided by his uncles Roger and Jeff Mayweather both of which were also professional boxers and Roger was a renowned talent in both featherweight and lightweight categories.

Roger Mayweather would later go on to train his nephew creating a new generational talent.

Now after an illustrious and record-breaking career, footage has emerged of Mayweather Jr’s mitt work with his Uncle.

The footage has been praised as it showcases Mayweather’s dedication to understanding the patterns and science of boxing as well as his famed defending, both strengths he would rely upon throughout his career.

However, there has also been critics of Mayweather’s training technique, arguing that practices such as footwork drills are more critical in creating a better boxer and that mitt work should be reactive, and not planned during the training session.

Despite these criticisms, the video footage does nothing to devalue Mayweather’s talent as a boxer, but rather reflects the ability he was known for.

A talent that lied in prediction and calculating the next blow. Ultimately the footage only proves the capability of the 11-time title winner and the dedication of both athlete and trainer.

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