The most casual penalty ever? Eric Bautheac's attempt for Brisbane Road was remarkable

Éric Bauthéac

There are a million and one ways to take a penalty.

You can smash the ball as hard as you possibly can. You can try to place the ball in the corner. You can ‘Panenka’ the ball down the middle.

There’s also the actual run-up to think about.



Will you go for a one-step run-up like Marc Guehi? A 35-second run-up like we saw in a Japanese High School tournament? Or a Jorginho-style hop?

So many different options but one end goal (excuse the pun) – to score past the goalkeeper from 12 yards.

There is no such bad thing that a poor penalty as long as it ends up in the back of the net.

However, Eric Bautheac really pushed that theory back in 2019.

Bautheac was turning out for Brisbane Roar during their final A-League match of the 2018/19 season.


They faced Adelaide United and the Roar succumbed to a thrilling 5-3 defeat.

However, they went 3-2 ahead thanks to Bautheac’s penalty.

But it wasn’t just any old penalty.

No. It was one of the most bizarre penalties we’ve ever seen.

Bautheac took a short run-up before appearing to attempt a Panenka. However, instead of the ball floating into the back of the net, it didn’t even come off the ground.

Fortunately for Bautheac, the goalkeeper, Paul Izzo, had stepped to the right and was unable to recover as the ball trickled slowly over the line.

Bauthéac was on the six-yard box by the time the ball crossed the line as it barely touched the back of the net.

VIDEO: The most casual penalty of all time?

But did he mean it?

Bautheac looked almost panicked as soon as he struck the ball and his face in the celebrations suggests it may not have gone in as he intended.

However, as we mentioned earlier as long as a penalty goes in, then it’s a good one.

The most casual penalty ever? Maybe.

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