Transfer window irritates Wenger

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes the January transfer window should be abolished in order to force players to be more committed towards their clubs.

The window was introduced for the 2002-03 season and, although it makes for an interesting month or so for supporters, it is an almost universal irritation for managers and players.

Wenger has often been outspoken in his dislike for the winter window, and says it offers players a 'quick and easy' way exit from a club if they are out of the team.

And the Gunners manager would be in favour of scrapping the entire idea, as the current system puts too much power in the hands of players.

“I am for [scrapping the transfer window]. I would leave it completely open all year, or you close it for a whole year. But that's in-between,” he told the official Arsenal website.

“Everybody becomes nervous [from] November until January. Then players maybe think, 'if I don't play then I will leave in January'. They are already less committed to the cause, it gives them an opening.

“We have gone from a period where we knew that if we didn't play, we [still] had to be committed to the club for your whole life.

“You had no other option but to fight for your place. There is not a position where the players have a quick and easy way out if it is difficult.”

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