Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3: Punch that sent ripples through Gypsy King is fans' punch of 2021


Boxing fans believe that Deontay Wilder‘s punch on Tyson Fury that literally sent ripples through him is the best punch of 2021.

Wilder and Fury met for the third time on October 9th, where the Gypsy King emerged victorious once again.

The American fighter produced a spirited performance but was outdone by Fury’s sheer size and power.

“I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough tonight,” Wilder reflected after the 11th-round stoppage.

In the fourth round of their match, Wilder delivered a ferocious right hook on his opponent and in slow motion, you can see the rippling effect on his body.

While the World Heavyweight champion didn’t initially fall, the punch eventually caused him to fall to the ground.


The clip generated plenty of reactions on Reddit, most people were shocked that Fury didn’t succumb immediately to the punch.

“I think that would have killed me”, one wrote.

Another added: “That shot separates most humans’ brain stems, I feel. Fury is just 6’9 and an absolute monster”.

The Fury – Wilder rivalry hasn’t come without controversy.

The pair both met for the first time in December 2018, where the fight ended in a controversial draw. They then had a rematch in February 2020 which Fury emerged victorious through a seventh-round ‘technical knockout’.

After the second fight, Wilder initiated a rematch contractual clause that was scheduled for July 2020. But concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic forced further reschedules.

Facing a third rescheduling, Fury announced that he would be stepping away from the fight. Wilder responded to his announcement with a video on social media accusing Fury of cheating during their second meeting.

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It is unknown who the Gypsy King’s next opponent will be, it was rumoured to be Anthony Joshua, but that seems unlikely after he lost his belts to the Ukrainian Oleksander Usyk.

Dillian Whyte seems to be the most likely opponent, but the contract between the two is proving tricky.

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