Arsenal want next Van Persie


Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has revealed the Gunners want to sign up his son Shaqueel.


The Dutch international revealed his son has already shown some footballing promise and that scouts from the Arsenal youth set-up had invited him for training.


Despite this interest, Van Persie said he was not going to rush the five-year-old in to anything and was happy with him at his current club close to their home.


“I honestly have to say that he has got a lot of talent for football. I recognise a lot of stuff of myself in him,” he said.


“His coach is really great. Arsenal has invited him a couple of times to come and play there but he likes it at his club. He's sensitive for a good atmosphere. Just like me.”


The 28-year-old was speaking to reporters when he revealed his son also has a talent for golf – sometimes beating his father.


“He loves to play golf. You've got some great golf courses here. He's taking lessons and we regularly play a round,” he added.


“Sometimes he beats me! He's got a great gift for where the ball has to go. My shots sometimes end up in the bush; his always go straight.


“He says: 'Dad, I'm going to chip now, gimme my this or that club.' He can do that perfectly as well.”


The north London club may have to wait a while for Van Persie junior to make an impact, but they will be hoping his father is ready to make a decisive contribution this weekend.


Arsenal face second placed side Manchester United on Sunday at Emirates Stadium in what is a tough test following the disappointing loss to Swansea City last weekend.

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