Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov: Russian trash-talking & bouncing Irishman's head off canvas


Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s face-off at UFC 229 was one of the sport’s most highly anticipated fights, setting records for the biggest MMA pay-per-view event.

And despite the fight taking place back in 2018, new footage and clips still get posted online for fans to enjoy and share.

The latest one going round shows the Russian talking trash whilst repeatedly pummelling Notorious on the canvas.

Before Khabib won the fight with a rear naked choke, he was grappling with McGregor on the ground with the Irishman in a guard position. His ground-and-pound ultimately paved the way to victory.

The cageside video shows Khabib throwing numerous punches and elbows while McGregor struggles to fight back. All of this is going on whilst the Russian is mocking and talking to his opponent, too.

“Talk to me,” he demands, as an exhausted McGregor wraps his legs around the fighter on top.

Khabib briefly grabs his face, mockingly asking, “What happened?” before the grounded McGregor dodges a punch.

“Let’s talk, let’s talk now,” The Eagle repeatedly says as he maintains a superior position.

As Khabib begins landing more of his punches, referee Herb Dean can be heard saying: “Conor you need to fight back, come on!”

Tempers flared after the trash talk and intimidation tactics reached extraordinary levels before the bout even kicked off.

McGregor turned himself into police after attacking a bus holding fighters, including Khabib, before UFC 223.



The fighters weren’t the only ones trading insults either, as Khabib famously left the Octagon in dramatic scenes to take on McGregor’s teammate Dillon Danis.

After the scuffle broke out, Khabib’s payment was withheld by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He apologised in the post-fight interview, saying he was provoked by trash-talk against his family and religion, as well as the bus incident.

McGregor later admitted that the trash talk “did get very, very personal” and “some of the things maybe went too far.”

Despite his loss, Notorious last month described Khabib as “good, but not great,” adding that the Russian’s legacy was “toast.”

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