AEW Rampage Results: Riho gains the advantage heading into Battle Of The Belts


This edition of Rampage featured an action-packed card that featured a No holds barred match in the main event. Also, the undefeated Hook was in action while Adam Cole went one-on-one with the latest signee Jake Atlas, and AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D would be in tag team action against Battle Of The Belts opponent Riho.

Adam Cole def Jake Atlas

To kick off Rampage it was brought to our knowledge that Adam Cole would be starting the new year as the number 1 ranked wrestler in the men's division, therefore a lot of pressure hung on his shoulders as he went toe to toe with AEW's latest signee Jake Atlas, who was making his Rampage debut.


The two from the get-go demonstrated just how well the two knew each other, exchanging a series of takedowns and technical holds. The two had a response for anything they threw at each other.

The stalemate was then broken as both men resorted to strikes with Atlas gaining a nice bit of momentum over the undefeated Cole.

However, the closing moments of the match saw Atlas make an attempted springboard attack in which Cole met with a vicious superkick.

Cole immediately realises that Atlas has hurt his knee and takes advantage, locking in a kneebar which saw Cole pick up the win by submission and remain undefeated.


After the match, Cole and Red Dragon look to incorporate more damage to a fallen Atlas before they are met by rivals Orange Cassidy and Best Friends.


Hook def Aaron Solo-

In his third professional match Hook was going into this bout with a 100% win record and looked dominant in his previous displays against Fuego Del Sol and Bear Bronson.


As the bell rang, Hook and Solo exchanged in a test of strength where Hook dropped Soho with a devastating throw that sent Solo flying. Hook would continue the onslaught with a few stiff shots in the corner before he is distracted by a grab of the foot from QT Marshall who was ringside.


Soho momentarily had glimpses of momentum but a crotch-lift suplex from Hook cemented another dominant performance in the record books. Hook would follow up with a series of brutal cross-face lariats before locking in the Redrum to go 3-0 in AEW.


Riho and Ruby Soho def Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D

After a backstage brawl on Dynamite it was announced that Battle Of the Belts opponents, Riho and AEW Women's Champion, Britt Baker would square off a night before their highly anticipated title match in a tag team match which would determine who would have the momentum.

Before the referee could even call for the bell to ring, Rebel pulled Soho out of the ring which allowed a two-on-one onslaught to ensue on Riho from Baker and Hayter.


Soho would eventually even the odds which allowed them to double team Hayter once the match had officially begun.

The two teams would individually have strong moments in the match with numerous last gasp two counts throughout.

However, in the closing moments, as Hayter and Baker were setting up to plant Riho with a double team attack, Riho countered causing Hayter to hit Baker across the face with a stiff forearm.


Hayter who was focused on Britt lost focus on Riho momentarily which allowed her to roll Hayter up securing the victory.

Post-match saw an irate Baker leave the ring alone with her AEW Women's Championship.

Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz def 2.0 and Daniel Garcia
This match kicked off straight away as a backstage brawl broke out between both teams before making their way out to the ring.


As the match began all six competitors paired off and inflicted punishment upon one and other.
A moment in the match saw Santana and Ortiz hit a suplex in stereo with Kingston who dropped Daniel Garcia on a trashcan on the outside.

The closing moments of the match saw Santana and Ortiz hit a nice combo of lariats which was finished with a devastating clothesline to Jeff Parker for their team to pick up the victory.


Post-match saw 2.0 and Garcia tie Kingston to the ropes and continue their attack until Chris Jericho emerged and saved Kingston from the vicious assault.


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