Paul Scholes' priceless reaction to Steven Gerrard saying he never won the Premier League

Gerrard and Scholes

Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players to have ever graced the Premier League.

The midfielder represented his boyhood club of Liverpool for 17 seasons, leading them to nine trophies during that time.

And when we say ‘leading’ them, we mean that in every sense of the word.



Gerrard wasn’t always surrounded by world-class teammates at Anfield and really did have to haul his side over the line at times.

Despite everything he achieved, even Gerrard will admit he will look back on his playing career with regret and we all know why.

The failure to win the Premier League at Liverpool will haunt him forever – especially after THAT slip against Chelsea towards the end of the 2013/14 season.

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Rival fans will never let him forget that moment no matter what he achieves in his managerial career.

But it seems it’s not just rival supporters who enjoy the thought of Gerrard failing to win the league.

It also brings a wry smile to Paul Scholes’ face – quite literally.

We’re talking about a viral clip from 2016 that resurfaces every so often on social media.

After retiring as a player, Gerrard appeared as a pundit on BT Sport, alongside Scholes.

While making a point, the current Aston Villa boss started: “For someone who hasn’t won the league…”

As Scholes sat next to him listening, he couldn’t resist a little smirk as Gerrard admitted the absence of a league title.

VIDEO: Scholes’ reaction to Gerrard saying he never won a PL title


One Manchester United supporters account called it ‘one of the greatest TV moments of all time’ while plenty of fans – mostly Man Utd – thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out the reaction:

Paul Scholes/Gerrard
Paul Scholes/Gerrard
Paul Scholes/Gerrard
Paul Scholes/Gerrard
Paul Scholes/Gerrard
Paul Scholes/Gerrard

However, Gerrard probably has the upper hand on Scholes since retirement.

While Scholes is still appearing a pundit and can often be heard slagging off his former United side, Gerrard is back in the Premier League managing Villa.

His ultimate goal? To finally win the Premier League with Liverpool – this time as manager.

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