Vinicius Jr showed pure class dodging Real Madrid badge during La Liga win vs Valencia


Vinicius Jr is fast becoming one of Real Madrid’s most exciting young players in history.

Los Blancos’ patience with the Brazilian winger across his first three campaigns at the Bernabeu have paid off in a big way this season with the 21-year-old now starting to produce elite numbers.

It’s crazy to think that we’re only halfway through the current domestic year and Vinicius already boasts a goal tally that is more than double his previous season’s best in the famous white jersey.

Vinicius shines vs Valencia

In fact, the former Flamengo prodigy’s statistics now make for devastating reading with 14 goals and seven assists in just 28 appearances for Real over the course of 2021/22.

And Vinicius showed no signs of pumping the brakes on Saturday night when he notched a brace during the 4-1 La Liga win over Valencia to further endear himself to Madristas.

The Brazilian’s second strike might well have been a close-range header, but his opening goal was the umpteenth reminder of his remarkable talents with a stunning piece of footwork in the box.


Vinicius shows pure respect

However, perhaps the Vinicius moment that will have left Real Madrid fans feeling the most smug of all against Valencia actually had nothing to do with goals, assists or even his trademark fancy skills.

No, rather, Vinicius showed pure class by making sure that he didn’t come into contact with the club’s logo despite the ball having only just gone out of play in the midst of battle.

It’s become something of a tradition and sign of respect that players shouldn’t walk across the club crest, but we’ve never heard of an example where the footballer has dodged it during a game.


Vinicius jumps over Real badge

Besides, in the case of Vinicius, you could certainly have forgiven him for accidentally laying his studs on the logo when his momentum from running after the ball carried him off the pitch.

However, Vinicius was so dedicated to respecting Los Blancos that he tried to slow down in front of the badge and even provided a little jump when he realised that wouldn’t be possible. Brilliant.

So, just in case you wanted any more justification as to why Real fans are obsessed with Vinicius right now, then be sure to check out his mid-game dodging of the badge down below:

You’ve got to the respect the dedication to, well, respect.

A lovely tradition

While it’s hard to imagine managers telling their players to avoid the logo at all costs when you could feasibly get injured in the process, Vinicius knew that if he would, he could keep up the tradition.

And he’s certainly not alone. Earlier this week, footage emerged of Dani Alves dodging the Barcelona emblem at the last possible moment with Nico Gonzalez duly copying his behaviour.

Marry that to a smattering of examples at Atletico Madrid and we have to say that it’s a brilliant, but nevertheless respectful tradition to spread the message that no player or staff is above the club.

However, all that being said, if there was a competition for the best execution of the ritual, then you can rest assured that Vinicius’ mid-game leap would take the gold medal. No doubt about it.



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