Enzo Amore looks completely different now to his WWE days after packing on muscle


Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, now known as nZo, has surprised many with his latest Instagram upload, showing off his new and improved physique.

The New Jersey native known for his controversial lifestyle, of which saw him released by WWE back in January 2018, has made a name for himself in the independent wrestling scene since his dismissal.

Having spent most of his time in WWE alongside friend and tag partner Big Cass, now known as W. Morrissey, Enzo was renowned for his cruiserweight stature as he enthralled fans on the microphone.

Tag partner W. Morrissey was often regarded as the monster of the tandem. Standing seven feet tall, the giant towered over the former WWE cruiserweight champion. However, Amore’s latest Instagram post shows the work he’s been putting in in the gym.

Amore, since his departure from WWE, debuted in Ring of Honor in 2019 and he’s been finding success ever since in the indies.

He has also been finding success in the gym and no longer will he be needing his mouth to do the talking as he looks imposing enough to take on heavier opponents. More so than ever before.


Interestingly, this is something that perhaps will draw the attention of WWE and specifically chairman Vince McMahon.

Despite Enzo’s controversial nature, both in and out of the ring, he was certainly a hit with the fans during his time with the company.

Vince McMahon, notoriously associated with preferring larger heavyweights than smaller athletes, has refreshed his developmental brand NXT in recent times with the emphasis now being on recruiting larger athletes. Enzo’s gym work might have Vince turning his head.

Another proposition for Enzo could be the hugely popular All Elite Wrestling, which is growing in numbers of former WWE employees, namely CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.



A move to the hugely popular wrestling company, perhaps, isn’t too far around the corner for the new and improved Enzo.

Enzo Amore divides opinion, but there is certainly nothing to scrutinise when it comes to his work in the gym.

Still with the aura of a Superstar, you can’t teach that.

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