Lionel Messi: Epic footage of Barcelona legend destroying the Premier League 'Big six'


Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers to have ever lived – there can be no denying it.

The Argentinean superstar redefined what we mean when we say the ‘beautiful game’ and has broken just about ever record there is to to break.

He has scored goals that have defied physics while making some of the best defenders in the world look like they were set to ‘Easy’ mode in a game of FIFA.

The debate as to whether he is the greatest is one that will rage on for decades to come but he certainly has the credentials to easily boast the title.

However, one of the great marks against Messi, according to some fans at least, is that he only ever produced his record-breaking madness in one league and for one team.

This theory has only been padded out by the fact that Messi has largely struggled to recreate his impossible magic since making the switch from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain.


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Meanwhile, his great rival, Cristiano Ronaldo has a proven record of delivering on any stage, winning silverware in a number of countries across Europe’s top five leagues, including England.

One of the great debates of our time has surrounded whether or not Messi could ‘do it on a cold wet night in Stoke’ and whether he would be able to set the world alight were he playing in England.

It’s a truly divisive topic of conversation, with fans and pundits alike entrenching themselves with arguments on either side of the breach.

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However, while the various sides hurl theoreticals at each other, a video doing the rounds on social media of late may prove that the man himself has already settled the argument.

The compilation shows Messi making a mockery of the Premier League‘s so-called Big Six with some super touches and goals.

From one moment to the next, Messi is seen making light work of players considered to be some of the best in the world.

Unreal – the ease with which Messi can escape the attentions of an opposition player is terrifying.

So, while we may never have definitive proof of how Messi might’ve performed on English shores, it is probably safe to say, judging by the evidence in this video, that he would’ve made England his playground.

Whether that’s enough to neutralise the journeyman argument is something we’ll leave to you to decide.

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