Brock Lesnar did a Knock Knock joke on WWE Raw with Bobby Lashley


Brock Lesnar is known as ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and that intimidating nickname fits his insane career as one of the most dominant wrestlers in WWE history.

You don’t become ‘the one in 21-1’ by breaking The Undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak if you’re happy go lucky.

It then comes as a surprise when a more jovial side of ‘The Beast’ shows up.

Ever since SummerSlam 2021, there has been some incredibly drastic changes to the appearance and character of Brock Lesnar. Instead of the infamous red and black shorts, he has been seen more often wearing denim shorts and overalls in a seemingly laid back approach.

He also ditched the short hair he had always had in the WWE and turned up with longer hair tied back in a ponytail. It was a striking change and this has been reflected in the way Lesnar has conducted himself on TV since coming back.

Usually, Paul Heyman would be the advocate to Brock and be glued to his side in segments to talk on behalf of the dominant fighter, but, at the time of Lesnar’s return, he was tied up with the man Lesnar targeted Roman Reigns.

This allowed ‘The Beast’ to be more free on the microphone and experiment with his own independent promo style. He aimed to unsettle Reigns in pursuit of his title and, in doing so, regained the trust and advocacy of Heyman, who helped Lesnar win the WWE championship.



Now, Brock Lesnar is set to defend his WWE championship at the Royal Rumble against ‘All Mighty’ Bobby Lashley. A dream match for many and both men are going into the bout with managers by their sides.

Even still, Lesnar has continued to have his own moments on the microphone.

On the January 10 episode of Monday Night Raw, it was the first confrontation between the ‘All Mighty’ and the ‘Beast Incarnate’. Lesnar was heard joking with Paul Heyman when he started a Knock Knock joke.

The idea of Lesnar openly joking on Raw even stunned the advocate.

When Heyman finally replied with, “who’s there?” Brock stated, “Bobby,” which painted an annoyed look on the face of Lashley. Once Paul had asked the next line of “Bobby who,” Lesnar wittingly said “exactly” in an attempt to undermine the status of his opponent.

This joke has had many fans laughing and sums up the relaxed persona of the multi-time champion since his return, going up against the straight-faced, serious brawler in Lashley, who has always wanted a match with Lesnar.

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