Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes: Ranking Premier League's 25 greatest centre midfielders


The Premier League really has been blessed to play host to some of the finest footballers that have ever lived.

Right from its inception in the early 1990’s the English top flight has been the proving ground for some of the greatest talent on the planet to showcase just what they are capable.

We’ve seen unbeatable goalkeepers, imperious defenders and ruthless strikers but today we want to focus on the men in the engine room, the central midfielders.

While each position on a football field is absolutely crucial, it is the lads at the heart of the team that are given the most responsibility both in attack and defence.

So who are the greatest central midfielders the Premier League has ever seen? Well, we thought we would have a go at answering that exact question with a  handy tiermaker.

We’ve classed them from ‘Overrated’ to ‘GOAT’ but, before you reach for the pitch forks and torches, keep in mind that the lads on the bottom rung are only there because of the context of the competition.


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We are not saying they are bad players in the slightest, but, in comparison to some of the giants elsewhere on the list, they simply had to be classed in the bottom category.


As said above, these lads were/are very handy footballers on their day but they simply don’t stack up in this particular competition.

Paul Pogba
Mesut Ozil
Michael Carrick
Nicky Butt
Paul Ince



In this group we find a group of stars that any manager would be happy to have in their team at their peak and, after years of top performances in the top flight, we felt they had done enough to warrant a spot in the ‘Decent’ bunch.

Juan Mata
Christian Eriksen
Emmanuel Petit
Joe Cole
Michael Essien
Ruud Gullit



In truth, the players who find themselves in ‘Quality’ could easily have worked their way into the next category up but we have to be brutal and unemotional when it comes to making our picks.

You might not be in agreement, but we have tp point towards the level of competition as to why some of these titans find themselves where they do.

Roy Keane
Luka Modric
Xabi Alonso
Yaya Toure
Patrick Vieira
Cesc Fabregas
Claude Makelele
N’Golo Kante
Matt Le Tissier


World Class

We’re taking the absolute cream of the crop now and it’s an exclusive club. 

Just the four stars make the cut and it would have been a crime to rank them anywhere else.

Kevin De Bruyne might look out of place initially, but his contribution to possibly the greatest Premier League team we have ever seen simply can’t be overlooked.


Frank Lampard
David Silva
Kevin De Bruyne
Paul Scholes 



Say what you want about Steven Gerrard never actually winning title but we won’t be changing our minds.

Gerrard was the epitome of the all-action midfielder and was ready to give his life for the club he loved most.

If you ask us, is a worthy winner of the GOAT title.

Steven Gerrard

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Steven Gerrard

Which squad number did Steven Gerrard wear before taking over the number 8 shirt at Liverpool?

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