RVP denies Arsenal signing


Recent reports that Arsenal have signed Robin Van Persie's five-year-old son Shaqueel are wide of the mark according to the Gunners' striker, but the 28-year-old Dutchman reveals that the club have invited him in for training sessions.

Shaqueel hit the headlines earlier this week when speculation suggested Arsene Wenger was looking to secure not only the long-term future of his free-scoring captain, but also the prodigious young talent, who is looking to follow in his father's footsteps.

However, Van Persie Snr insists that the story has been blown out of all proportion, and moved to quash rumours of the impending signing.

"He plays in a team with some of his school friends; he is lucky to have a very good coach, who I rate highly," he confirmed to Arsenal.com. "Those kids have so much fun, and I don't really want to take him away from all that.

"We have the option to take him for an extra session a week at Arsenal and we're thinking about it - I might bring him along to try it and see whether he likes it.

"But it's not as serious as Arsenal wanting to sign him - the club just gave us the option to have a look, because they've seen and heard a couple of things about him.

"It's true that he's doing well and has good timing, but like any kid of his age he enjoys a lot of different things."

At such a tender age, Van Persie emphasised the importance of enjoying your sport, and says that like most kids his age, Shaqueel is only concentrating on playing for fun with his friends.

"It's far too early to say that he's a special talent or anything like that," he added. "For me, the main thing for both of my children is that they enjoy whatever they are doing, whether it's football or something else.

"I saw a couple of newspaper articles talking about him but trust me, it's nothing that serious!"

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