Mo Salah: 8 times Liverpool star has proved he's a great human as well as incredible player


Mohamed Salah is arguably the greatest player in world football right now.

The Liverpool star has scored 23 goals in 26 appearances this season and has been absolutely unstoppable at times.

But he’s not just world-class on the pitch.



Off the pitch, Salah has proved he’s just a good a human as he is a player.

“If I tell you that he’s an even better person than he is a player, then you might be able to imagine what kind of guy he is,” his manager, Jurgen Klopp, said last year.

We all know how good Salah is at football but some may not know just how good he is at being a genuinely brilliant human.

In a recent interview with GQ, a number of brilliant stories emerged that show just how incredible Salah is as a person.

And we’ve compiled eight brilliant stories that sum Salah up.

Nine-hour round trip to training

Salah faced a battle just to make it in Egypt. At 13, he was scouted by Al Mokawloon, a team in Egypt’s top division. However, it was 82 miles south of Salah’s hometown. It meant he would go to school at 7am, leave after two hours and walk a mile to the bus stop. He’d catch a bus to Basyoun, another from Basyoun to Tanta, another from Tanta to Cairo and then another to the training ground in Nasr City.

“Half an hour, one hour, then two hours, then maybe half an hour or 45 minutes for the last one,” Salah said as he explained his journey.

“I know when we say nine hours this looks crazy, but I did it because I loved it,” Salah admitted. “I wanted to be where I am now, so I didn’t feel that it was that hard.”

It just goes to show Salah’s work rate and humbleness from an early age.

Mohamed Salah

Giving money to a thief that robbed his dad

When Salah was young, a thief stole 30,000 Egyptian pounds—about £1,400—from Salah’s father’s car. The police caught the culprit but Salah persuaded his dad not to press charges. He then gave the thief money to help turn his life around.

“I’m not supporting that [stealing],” he said. “But I’m sure he had a bigger reason to steal. I just feel he did it for a reason. When my father asked, the police said he was a really poor guy and had nothing in his life. So I told him: Just help him and leave him alone.”

Mohamed Salah

Helping homeless man at a petrol station

Salah pulled up at a petrol station in his Bentley to see some young lads harassing a homeless man.

Salah told the kids “That could be you in a few years” and gave the homeless man £100 to get a room for the night.

“Mo was every bit as wonderful as he is for Liverpool on the pitch,” the homeless man, David Craig said.

“He heard what a group of lads were saying to me, then turned to them and said, ‘That could be you in a few years’.

“I only knew I wasn’t hallucinating when Mo incredibly handed me £100. What a complete legend.

“They were calling me names, asking why I was begging and telling me to get a job.

“He (Salah) saw what was happening and said something to them and then he went to the cash machine.

“I was more than chuffed. I’m a massive fan. Mo is a real-life hero in my eyes and I want to thank him.”

Paying for everyone’s petrol

During the coronavirus pandemic last summer, Salah turned up to a Sainsbury’s petrol forecourt in his Liverpool training kit and paid for everyone’s fuel.

Stopping for a kid who broke his nose trying to wave at him

11-year-old Louis Fowler spotted Salah driving through his neighbourhood. But the young lad got a bit excited and ran straight into a lamp post, breaking his nose in the process.

Salah had seen what happened and stopped to check he was okay.

“It all happened so quick we hadn’t even had the chance to clean him up,” a neighbour said.

“He’d seen one of the boys had hurt himself and he had the decency to drive back into the close to check that he was OK. No-one could believe it. Everyone was gobsmacked.

“Mo asked if the boys were all right and gave them a big hug, which was what they both needed. They were made up and Louis forgot all about being injured.”

Visiting Kenya’s dressing room

After Egypt played Kenya in an AFCON qualifier, Salah was filmed inside the opposition’s dressing room after the match and wished them good luck. He also gave his match shirt to midfielder Kenneth Muguna.

Giving shirts to young fans

Okay, this isn’t actually groundbreaking but Salah has a history of identifying young fans in the ground and handing them his shirt. A small gesture but one that usually makes their day.

Charity work and incredible gestures in Egypt

Salah hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

He is constantly trying to better the lives of people back in his home nation. In 2018, it was reported that he was funding the construction of a medical centre and school for girls in his home town of Nagrig. He also paid the bill for a bone-marrow transplant for a young Egyptian boy when his family were unable to afford it.

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