Tyson Fury's latest Anthony Joshua 'useless dosser' rant over Oleksandr Usyk loss


Tyson Fury, a man known for his relentless strive for success and for being a unique member of the boxing scene, put out a strong message on Twitter and Instagram overnight.

This specific message, was guided towards Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk regarding the heavyweight belts and how they’ve made their way back into the Ukrainian’s hands.

Fury can be seen saying:

“I can’t believe AJ has given Ukraine all the heavyweight belts back, after all my hard work of relieving them. Ya big, useless dosser!”

In July of 2015 agreements had been made that Fury would share the ring with Wladimir Klitschko, in a world heavyweight title showdown.

The night had started in dispute, there were problems with the gloves and complaints about the canvas.

Fury won the fight, despite the controversy, in the 12th round by unanimous decision. But after all of the joy had been soaked in by Tyson, a few months later the title was stripped away due the fight having a rematch clause within it.


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A rematch had been negotiated and announced but Tyson had entered a downward spiral in his life suffering badly from mental health problems.

He had taken on lots of weight, he was charged by UK anti-doping and failed a drug test with cocaine being present. Despite his hard work against the Ukrainian first time around all of the titles he had won simply slipped away.

There is a lot of irony in what Tyson also goes onto say: “You’ve let a little steroid man come up from middleweight and set about you, and take all your belts.”

It’s largely ironic due to the main fact that Tyson himself had his boxing license torn away from him for many reasons in 2016 with one of these including an anti-doping case, but he himself made his way back from it all successfully.

Plus, he had also lost all of his belts in the run-up to his rematch with the Ukrainian for the heavyweight belt.

Once Tyson had made his return, he brought back the heavyweight belt after defeating the American Deontay Wilder following a trilogy of bouts. It’s clear to see that this is just mind games being pushed into the direction of Joshua.


Tyson follows this all up with: “It’s gonna have to take a real British Lancaster bomber like me to relieve the useless sted head of the belts and bring ‘em back to Britain! Ya useless dossers!

“Honestly… Bring ’em to me, the Gyosy King, bring ’em to me!”

Throughout this, he has been massively patriotic and he emphasises that he’s ‘a real British boxer’ alongside Anthony.

But he has also used steroids and a recurring theme also through the course of the video of which is intriguing. It for sure will be intriguing to see what comes of this video and if any retaliation or response is made.

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