League of Legends Update 12.2: Top 10 Highest Win Rate Champions in the Jungle (Iron)


League of Legends has a very well known Ranked system where you come across many champions, some that are good and some that are bad!

We will be focusing on the top 10 champions, and looking at arguably the hardest role Jungle, where you have to not only be able to focus and manage on yourself but try to help your teammates as the roles aim is to gank and get your team ahead of their opponents.

Often the Jungle is seen as the most balanced role but we always see certain Champions getting nerfed or buffed, Below will be the list of the highest Win Rates for Iron.

Continue scrolling to find out who makes the top 10 high win rate Champions in the Jungle.

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Top 10 Highest Win Rate Champions (Jungle)

10. Zac


Zac has a Win rate of 51.44% and an incredibly low ban rate of 0.6% but he doesn’t seem to be picked anyway near as much as expected, he is bad against Garen, Malphite and Karthus, but good against Poppy, Zed and Elise. This is a champion worth picking up.

9. Wukong


The Monkey King Wukong has a 51.57% win rate and only a 0.7% chance of being banned, he seems to struggle vs Teemo, Ekko and Talon but do good vs the previous champion listed Zac, Lee sin and Graves the other two that he seems to do well against.

8. Diana


She is quite strong at the moment she has a good win rate sitting at 51.89% and a very low ban rate of 3.3%, she doesn’t do too well vs Udyr, Mordekaiser and Xin Zhao, but well against Rengar, Kha’Zix and Nidalee.

7. Vi


Vi is an S tier champion with a 52.81% win rate her ban rate is also very low at 4%, she however seems to do badly against Sejuani, Zac and Shyvana, but she does very well against Poppy, Rengar and Kindred.

6. Warwick


The second time Warwick is making an appearance in the top 10 for Iron and as you can see he appears to be a favourite in this elo, he has a 53.33% win rate and a high ban rate of 22.1%, he loses out to Mordekaiser, Wukong and Tryndamere, but does well vs Qiyana, Fiddlesticks and Sejuani.

5. Amumu


Amumu is another one of those champions that is very useful thanks to the abilities that he has and this proves it in his 53.92% win rate, but he has a very low ban rate of 2.3%, he often loses to Sejuani, Trundle and Diana, but does well against Udyr, Shyvana and Kha’zix.

4. Mordekaiser


A more uncommon one regarding pick rate however he seems to have a high win rate of 54.03% but a higher ban rate of 13.7% he struggles against Qiyana, Urgot and Diana, but well vs Ivern, Zed and Nunu.

3. Lilia


Lilia is often hit or miss she can be awful if you do not know about playing her but very good if you can play her, and her high win rate of 54.16% shows that she has a small player base that knows how to play her, she is rarely banned with a tiny 1.1%, however, she does not do well into Jax, Hecarim or Nidalee, she does do well into Rek’sai, Sejuani.

2. Master Yi

Master Yi

This champion has always been a favourite of players in the lower divisions, as he wreaks havoc, and his 54.83% with a huge pick rate proves that he will always be a good champion in these ranks, but watch out for Zac, Tryndamere and Vi these champions he seems to struggle against the most, He does the best against Nidalee, Fiddlesticks and Rengar.

1. Trundle


And the king of the Jungle!

The Troll King Trundle is well above the other champions with a huge 55.55% and he is rarely banned with only a 3.8% ban rate, he seems to do worse against Mordekaiser, Rammus and Master Yi but very well against Malphite, Teemo and Nocturne.


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