John Cena gives honest thoughts on WWE releasing over 100 wrestlers since April 2020

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John Cena has given his honest thoughts on WWE releasing copious amounts of wrestlers over the last few months.

Since April 2020, over 180 wrestlers and backstage staff members have been released by WWE, with many being fired due to reported “budget cuts”.

WWE has fired some pretty big names over the last few years, with the likes of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt and Keith Lee being cut.

Many of the released talent have since gone on to sign for the likes of Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling and AEW.

Speaking on the Rich Eisen show, John Cena has given his honest thoughts on the releases from WWE.

The multi-time WWE Champion explained that it’s sad that people no longer work fore WWE after considering the company to have been their “home” for a period of time.

“I know obviously this a touchy subject and it’s going to elicit perspective from everyone, and everyone is entitled to their perspective. I think the sad thing here is people who have this gift aren’t being allowed to use it and people are out of a job. And that is the absolute saddest thing, that people no longer can work for a company they called home for a period of time. I feel for everybody who’s had to go in that direction. But all of us, myself included, our journey will eventually have an end. And when you’re in it sometimes, you don’t always have that perspective.

Cena explained that during his early days in WWE, he went into every day thinking that it could be his last, which he explains helped give him some perspective.

Cena also explained that WWE shifting its mentality from signing a lot of talent to releasing a lot of talent is why people have reacted so negatively to the cuts

“I personally, from my early days in the WWE, always had the perspective that it could be over tomorrow for any or all of us. Because if they can fire Steve Austin, there’s no way I’m even close to his ability. And that means they can fire me. But that’s just the culture I was brought up in. I was brought up in biannual cuts and it happened all the time. I think that WWE went through such a long period of not releasing anybody, and now they’re kind of getting back into that rhythm again. And it’s a really abrupt shift to someone who’s not familiar with that. And my heart goes out to everybody who has to get that sad news, because that’s a tough conversation to have.”

During a recent media interview run, Cena explained that while he hasn’t retired from WWE, he is likely to miss WrestleMania this year, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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