League of Legends Update 12.2: Item Buffs, Nerfs and System Changes Leaked

League of Legends items.

League of Legends is set to be garnished the latest patch 12.2 to be released on the 19th of January and with that, there are a few things the community can expect to see.

The second Patch of this season will be added by Riot Games, the developers, and once again have not held back on buffing and nerfing Champions.

You might be asking yourself what Items are needing a buff and what are needing a nerf?

Well, You have come to the right place! We will be going over the Items in this article down below, So keep scrolling to find out which Items are being hit by Riot.

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League of Legends 12.2 Item and System Buffs & Nerfs

Thanks to Phlox, we got a small but informative insight in regards to which Items and Systems will be affected by update 12.2.

Item Buffs

The First Item on this list is Lich Bane, and this buff to the item looks like it’s quite a big one!

Lich Bane

– Haste 0 → 15
– Spellblade Dmg 150% base AD (+ 40% AP) → 75% base AD (+ 50% AP)
– Cooldown 2.5s → 1.5s
– Build Path Changed

These Changes are a slight buff to Leblanc as this is one of her core items, and perhaps we could be seeing this used on Akali more.

The second item to receive a buff is a very welcomed one as it is rarely used, this item is Rylais.


– Cost 3000 → 2600
– AP 90 → 75
– Health 350 → 400

This change will see Rylais as a cheaper costing Item dealing less damage but making you tankier which will be great on champions like Aurelion Sol, Azir, and Brand as a few examples.

Item Nerfs

As far as we know so far there doesn’t seem to be any Items being nerfed, but with the patch still a week away this could change!

System Nerfs

Here we will be listing the nerfs within Runes, Map nerfs, and Dragon Nerfs.

The First on the List will be a nerf to Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo

-AS Per Stack Melee 13% / Ranged 7% → Melee 10 – 15% / Ranged 5 – 9%

Lethal Tempo will be weaker in the early levels but will scale better going into the late game.

The Next two nerfs will be on the newest Dragons, Hextech and Chemtech Soul.

Hextech Soul

– Damage 25 – 75 → 25 – 50
Chemtech Soul

– Zombie Bleedout Time 4s → 3s
– Zombie Health 80% Base + 50% Bonus → 70% Base + 40% Bonus

These Dragon Souls are quite big changes but nothing too major as they were fairly strong already.

Lastly will be a Terrain change to Chemtech

Chemtech Terrain

– OOC Recamo Timer 1.5s → 2.5s
– Always Camo on Zone Enter → Respect OOC Timer
– Damage Amp up to 10% → up to 12%

Again nothing Major, slight tweaks but shouldn’t have any major effects on gameplay.


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