League of Legends Update 12.2: Top 10 Highest Win Rate Champions in the Midlane Revealed (Iron)

Kayle in League of Legends

League of Legends is made up of many different champions within the game, some are very good and others, not so much.

Despite this, in Solo queue, anything tends to go as players tend to play what they like and are good at.

However, certain champions perform better than others and data shows this. In this article, we will be going through the top 10 in Midlane when update 12.2 goes live. This lane tends to be the one that helps control the map being the middle one and this is very important.

League of Legends Highest Win Rate Champions (Midlane)

Below are the Highest Win Rate Champions for Midlane – starting with number 10.

10. Pantheon


The Spartan-like Champion Pantheon is number 10 on this list and one of the most versatile being the fact that he can be played in all roles, his win rate is 52.44% and a very small 1.8% ban rate, he seems to struggle vs Cassiopeia, Qiyana and Brand, but well vs Tristana, Teemo, and Lissandra.

9. Diana


The second time she has made a top 10 list and the reason for this is because she is a strong champion right now, This time around she has a higher win rate of 52.76% and only a 3.3% ban rate, she does badly against Cassiopeia, Heimerdinger, and Galio, and well against Pantheon, Twisted Fate, and Syndra.

8. Jayce


Jayce tends to have moments of being a good champion and a bad one, but in Iron, he has a 52.78% just edgy Diana out, his ban rate is very low with 1.7%, but he struggles against more common champions such as Veigar, Neeko, and Vladimir, he does well vs the uncommon Lucian, Vel’koz and Azir.

7. Lux


Lux has a good win rate of 53.20% and she is often seen throughout most ranks, and this reflects into her ban rate as she seems to be a bit too good in this Rank with a 37.3% ban rate, she doesn’t do too well vs Brand, Lissandra or Kayle. Lux does well against Seraphine, Ryze, and Vladimir.

6. Malphite


This one will not be seen quite as much in the Higher ranks, but in lower ranks, he is quite a good pick especially when you build AP, he has a 53.47% win rate and a minimal ban rate of 2.7% but he struggles against Jayce, Kennen, and Neeko. He seems to do badly vs Aurelion Sol, Kayle, and Ziggs.

5. Sett


Another Surprise on this list is Sett is not a common champion in the mid-lane, but his win rate is 53.52% and his ban rate is 17.7%. Sett struggles against Lissandra, Lux, and Veigar, but does very well against, Nasus, Xerath, and Kassadin.

4. Galio


A Great choice throughout all Elos as he offers a lot of utility to the team and the ability to get anywhere on the map very quickly, he can be built tanky or with damage, his win rate is 53.85%, and has a very low 0.7% ban rate, a great choice to pick up he does badly against Tryndamere, Syndra, and Jayce but very well against Kassadin, Brand, and Vel’koz.

3. Cassiopeia


She is a great champion if played right however surprising in Iron her win rate is 53.91% with a small ban rate of 1.9%.
She does badly vs Syndra, Qiyana, and Yasuo. But very well against Pantheon, Diana and Teemo.

2. Kayle


Number 2 on this list and her win rate take a sudden jump from the previous champions, at a very high 56.83% and an even lower ban rate from number 3 at 1.4%. Kayle does badly against Orianna, Malphite, and Caitlyn. Kayle does well against Irelia, Brand, and Morgana.

1. Mordekaiser


The King of the Mid lane has a huge win rate and a giant leap from Kayle sitting at a whopping 59.41% and Iron players absolutely love him, his ban rate is 13.7%. Though he struggles against Ezreal, Ahri, and Kassadin, he also does amazing v Kalista, Anivia, and Aatrox.


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