AEW Dynamite Results: World Championship picture heats up as new challenger emerges.

It was usual business for AEW as they showcased another stacked Dynamite card on TBS. There was a surprise debut and return, one of AEW’s hottest couples united and to top it off a hard-hitting main event for the TNT World Championship. 

Adam Cole and Red Dragon promo-

The night kicked off with a bang as number 1 ranked men’s wrestler Adam Cole took to the ring alongside Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Adam Cole spoke about the moment all three men have had and explained how 2022 is a “new era”.

The Young Bucks came out from the back to take to the ring and partook in a verbal back and forth with Red Dragon as both teams have the same goal in mind which is to become AEW World Tag Team Champions. Cole follows up by saying friendly competition is what this “super faction” needs and is a perfect idea comparing the calibre of him, The Bucks, and Red Dragon to the likes of Best Friends whom Cole expresses is nowhere near their level.

Moments later, Best Friends make their way to the ring and instigate a mass brawl between both factions. Just as Cole is setting up a superkick on Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander stands in the path of Cole, that is until none other than AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D comes to assist her partner, Cole, and levels Statlander with a stiff forearm to the back of the head. Before Cole levels, Cassidy with a superkick, followed up by the BOOM.

CM Punk def Wardlow-

CM Punk was taking arguably his toughest challenge to date in AEW, as he went one-on-one with Wardlow who has the longest active winning streak in the AEW men’s division, standing at an 18 win streak.
Wardlow, who was quickly being loved more and more by the AEW fans, generated a split reaction between CM Punk chants and his chants.

He came out the gate quickly demonstrating his devastating power as he floors punk with a punishing shoulder tackle. Wardlow continued to dissect Punk by taking his time assessing what area to target and connecting with constant stiff strikes. Punk would momentarily shift the momentum, reversing a powerbomb attempt from Wardlow and hitting a combo of kicks followed by a series of clotheslines, ended with a springboard clothesline which finally takes the big man down.

Punk hits a running knee to Wardlow in the corner while taunting MJF, however, Wardlow capitalises and checks Punk in for the “Powerbomb Buffet”. Hitting Punk with five powerbombs before attempting a pin, where MJF commands him to break it up so he can inflict more punishment to a lifeless Punk.

MJF and Wardlow would continue to dispute before Wardlow executes another powerbomb to Punk, but this time through a table.

Wardlow would continue to be distracted by MJF’s commands and Punk seizes the moment and roles Wardlow up to pick up an impressive victory in what was another dominant display from Wardlow, who was unlucky to come up short.

Post-match saw tensions continue to rise between Wardlow and MJF. MJF shoves Wardlow and just as he was about to snap, Shawn Spears steps in to diffuse the situation.

Dante Martin def Powerhouse Hobbs

Since Dante Martin swerved Team Taz in the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal match by eliminating FTW Champion Ricky Starks from the match, Martin has become the prime target for Team Taz in their quest for redemption.

In this bout Dante tried using his aerial athleticism against the incredibly powerful Hobbs who tried to keep Martin as grounded as possible, synching in tight holds and landing crushing power slams.

The two went toe to toe and showcased their strengths throughout and for most of the match the advantage of Starks at ringside for Hobbs gave him the momentum for the majority of the contest. This was until Jay Lethal emerged to level the playing field and take out Starks.

This allowed Martin to take advantage and connect with the Nose Dive to pick a huge victory over Hobbs.

AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page promo-
Page took to the ring to address the AEW fans as he was hungry for competition and immediately wanted to see someone step up and challenge him for the AEW World Championship.

Page was confronted, not by a challenger, but by none other than America Top Team’s Dan Lambert.

The two exchanged words and just as Lambert was leaving, the music hit, and the return of “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer was here and he chased Lambert to the ring with a steel chair before levelling the champion Page out of nowhere and instigating an all-out attack, making a statement to the champion. Archer finished Page with a Blackout on the chair.

Deeb def Shida- 

A grudge match in a rivalry between two of the best in the AEW women’s division. 

As Shida was making her way to the ring Deeb initiate a blindsided attack on Shida, viciously targeting her knee before the match officially begins.

When the bell eventually rings Deeb continues to target the injured knee and synchs in a one-legged crab on Shida before the referee rings the bell to prevent any further damage to the knee.

Penta El Zero Miedo def Matt Hardy 

Penta would take to singles competition against Matt Hardy where the two showcased a good back-forth technical wrestling display.

A key moment in the match saw Hardy hit Penta with a side effect onto the ring apron and then attempted to maintain momentum and hit Penta with a moonsault which was avoided.
The closing moments saw Penta capitalise on this and hit Hardy with the Fear Factor to pick up an impressive victory.

Post-match saw Penta call out Malakai Black who would respond and show up and attack Penta. Just as he attempted to demask Penta, the Varsity Blonds emerged and swarmed Black with a three-on-one attack before Julia Hart emerged on the apron to say that it was enough.

This gave Malakai space to breathe and just as a sinister smile emerged on his face, the lights turned off and when they came back on, none other than Brody King was stood in the ring and wiped all three men out and standing tall alongside the House Of Black leader Malakai.

The Acclaimed def Bear Country

As of 2022 The Acclaimed are the number 1 ranked tag team in AEW and they continued their momentum and proved why they have been placed in this position. 

They made quick work of Bear Country with Max Caster picking up the victory after hitting a devastating elbow drop. 

Post-match saw the acclaimed confronted by Sting, followed by Darby Allin who steamrolled through Max Caster with a crushing tope suicida. 

Sammy Guevara def Daniel Garcia- AEW Interim TNT Championship

Sammy Guevara was going into this match off the back of an impressive victory over Dustin Rhodes at Battle Of The Belts to become the Interim AEW TNT Champion. Garcia has also been impressive the past couple of weeks picking up impressive victories over Eddie Kingston and making a statement alongside 2.0 to the likes of Chris Jericho. 

The two showcased their hard-hitting styles as the match began with the grappling expert Garcia looking to keep the high-flying Guevara as grounded to the matt as possible. 

Guevara would take momentum by hitting Garcia with a breath-taking springboard attack to the outside. 

In the closing moments 2,0 emerge and attack both Kingston and Jericho on the outside and as they attempt to help Garcia, Garcia hits Matt Lee by accident before Guevara takes advantage and executes the GTH to pick up another impressive victory. 

Moments after the match saw 2.0 attack Guevara before Jericho and Kingston level the field but this only causes more animosity between Jericho and Kingston.

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