Novak Djokovic: Renata Voráčová reveals harrowing details of visa interrogation

Czech tennis player Renata Voráčová has revealed the harrowing details of her interrogation at Melbourne Airport after her Australian visa was revoked

Czech tennis player Renata Voráčová has revealed the harrowing details of her interrogation at Melbourne Airport after her Australian visa was revoked.

Voráčová was told last week that her visa was cancelled for failing to meet the Australian Government’s requirement that all incoming non-citizens be vaccinated against the virus.

Like fellow tennis player Novak Djokovic, Voráčová had been granted a vaccine exemption by Tennis Australia because she had recently caught and recovered from COVID-19.

Her visa was revoked by the Australian Border Force, however, and the 38-year-old left Melbourne on a flight to Dubai on Saturday night.

She has now revealed the harrowing details of her interrogation, claiming she was forced to undress.

"I didn't expect that in the darkest dream, it was just too much," she told Czech newspaper Deník.

"I was worried. I didn't feel safe until I was back home, nothing was certain.

"It was as if I were watching a film - a long interrogation with instructions such as 'undress, get dressed'. Yuck, I don't even want to think about it, let alone live it again."

Voráčová also revealed she would be seeking compensation from Tennis Australia after spending €2,460 (£2,055) on flights.

"I hope Tennis Australia will face up to it and that we won't have to take legal steps," she said. "I'm not thinking about tennis. I'm still waking up from the shock, I haven't processed it yet. I'm exhausted."

Renata Voráčová was deported from Australia last week

Unlike Djokovic, the current men’s world number one, Voráčová did not appeal the decision to cancel her visa.

Djokovic was detained upon his initial entry into Australia last week but was released after winning his court battle to stay in the country.

The Serbian could still be sent home, however, with Australia's Immigration Minister Alex Hawke able to cancel his visa.

Djokovic has also been criticised after it emerged that he had attended a number of in-person events last month, despite testing positive for COVID-19.

He also admitted he made errors on his travel form into Australia, by ticking a box declaring he had not travelled anywhere 14 days prior to entering the country, when in fact he had been to Spain.

With many highlighting the difference in treatment of Djokovic compared to Voráčová, the WTA issued a statement on the matter.

"...the complications experienced over the past few days where athletes have followed the approved and authorised process of receiving a medical exemption for entry into the country are unfortunate," it said.

"Renata Voracova followed these rules and procedures, was cleared for entry upon her arrival, competed in an event and then suddenly had her visa cancelled when she had done nothing wrong.

"We will continue to work with all authorities on addressing this unfortunate situation in an appropriate manner."

Voráčová, a doubles player ranked 81st in the world, had competed last week at the Melbourne Summer Set, a warm-up tournament for the Australian Open.

She had been set to play in the doubles competition at the upcoming Grand Slam alongside Egypt’s Mayar Sherif, who is now on the lookout for a new partner.

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