Ukrainian football team announce signing Douglas Bergqvist in the most Microsoft Paint way ever

Chernomorets' new player announcement.

Announcing the signing of a new player on social media has become a modern form of art.

In a bid to get fans excited about a team’s latest acquisitions, football clubs are getting more and more creative with how they announce new signings.

But while we’ve seen some brilliant player reveals over the years, we’ve also seen some very cringe-worthy ideas flop on social media.

Who remembers when Manchester United made Alexis Sanchez play the piano when he signed from Arsenal in 2018?

Or how about Sevilla’s bizarre kidnapping video of Jesus Navas, which was used to confirm the transfer of the defender from Manchester City?

While both were very strange, we think we might have now seen one of the weirdest transfer reveals ever.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian Premier League side FC Chernomorets Odesa took to Instagram to announce their acquisition of former Exeter City defender Douglas Bergqvist.

While most clubs would simply post a photo of their signing holding up a shirt with their new number on the back, the Ukrainian side have taken a slightly different strategy.

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Posting a photo online of their latest arrival wearing a jersey from his former club Kalmar FF, Chernomorets’ social media team have instead tried to cover up the red on the Kalmar shirt using some very average Microsoft Paint skills.

In a bid to make it look like the 28-year-old is wearing a Chernomorets shirt, the club’s social media team have painted black and purple stripes of their home kit over the original image.

What’s funnier is that the club has also pasted the word ‘Chernomorets’ on the front of the shirt just to make it clear that the player is now wearing a club jersey.

Check out the piece of artwork which was posted on Reddit by u/Cahootie below…

Chernomorets FC's Instagram post confirming new signing.

Can you imagine if PSG had announced Lionel Messi in this way?

The club also posted a statement announcing their new signing in the caption, which reads: “Swede Douglas Bergqvist was found in the team in Turkey. Four consonants in a row are a bid for success for any football commentator.

“Douglas transferred to Chornomorets from Swedish FC Kalmar. The game has begun!

“Red – stop. Green – also stop. Black and blue – go!”

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Fans on Reddit have also been reacting to the hilarious Instagram post, with some arguing that the image should be hung in the Louvre.

Take a look at their reactions below…

Reddit reacts to Chernomorets transfer announcement.

Ironically the post has caught the attention of many football fans around the world and for that reason, you could call it a genius piece of social media artwork.

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