League of Legends: Chemtech Drake Could be Removed Following Backlash

Chemtech Drake

Rumours have been circulating that one of the newest additions to League of Legends, the Chemtech Drake will be removed just weeks after it was added to the game.

Riot Games are currently running a survey discussing the future of the newly-added dragon which could lead to its removal from the game, this is according to one of their developers GreaterBelugaWhale on Reddit.

This is not the first time something ‘broken’ has been in the game, many of the older players might remember Kassadin in Season 3 with his 99.55% ban rate and nicknamed ‘Kassawin’. Or maybe the time when Kalista was permabanned in every game in Season 7 pro play because she was just too strong.

Below we will talk about what makes Chemtech Drake so strong and why players might be unhappy with it.

What is Chemtech Drake?

Chemtech Drake

Chemtech Drake is the newest addition to the game along with Hextech Drake, with very powerful buffs. Which will be listed below.

Chemtech Blight:

– After Killing the drake everyone on that team that killed it will gain 6/12/18/24% (based on stacks granted by Chemtech Drake)
– Increased damage against enemies with Health 340 – 1020 (Based on target’s level) greater current health than you.

Chemtech Map Changes:

– When you get the Chemtech map change the jungle is surrounded by a misty fog that gives Camouflage essentially making the champions hidden in it invisible, which can not be spotted by a ward.
– A damage buff whilst in the camouflage.

Chemtech Soul:

– When you die, you are resurrected for 2 seconds however unable to do anything and cannot be targetted.
– After this, you will come back with 80% of your health and become a zombie for 4 seconds, during which you gain 75% decaying movement speed for Melee and 30% for Ranged
– You have reduced damage by 40%
-You take true damage equal to a % of your health you started with that increases every 0.25 seconds.

Why players are unhappy?

Chemtech Drake

Many players are saying that this drake is ‘broken’, mostly because of the map change and because of the soul.

The Map change means that if you are a squishy champion such as an ADC or support you can’t afford to step into the jungle on your own as a Bruiser champion like Darius hidden is a very scary thing for them to walk into.

And with the Soul part of the Drake, the ability for champions to come back to life can be a huge difference in a team fight, especially when trying to kill a high-priority target.

What have players said?


(Credit: Inven Global)

Former pro player Caedral said this about it (via YouTube): “This, Riot that ain’t it,” he continued to say, “I am very open-minded, but giving everyone a Guardian Angel for 5 seconds, to fist everyone on the map, how can I win a team fight when there is five Sion’s on the enemy team? It’s 5 vs 10!”

This is not the only pro player to complain about this Drake, Pro Player Doublelift said (via Twitch): “The fact that they felt the need to add something new to the game and then they chose this strange camoflague thing,” Doublelift continued to say. “I feel like Chemtech Soul and Chemtech Dragon just shouldn’t exist because it’s so broken. It’s so badly balanced. That’s the way it feels to me. It feels like the Chemtech Soul map, playing on it is just the worst. It feels gimmicky, it feels abusable. It’s so one-sided because the one who has control of it always keeps control. It’s just really poorly designed. I don’t think anyone likes it. Other than that, what’s the point of preseason?”


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