Overwatch 2: Rumours claim that Mobile Version Will Have Graphical Downgrade

Here's everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 graphical downgrade on mobile

Overwatch 2 is set to be the follow up to one of the most beloved Esports titles on the market, Overwatch. 

According to new rumours, the version of the game that will be released on mobile will have some drastic changes in comparison to the console and PC ports of the title.

Here’s everything you need to know about the graphical downgrades that will be coming to the mobile version of Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Mobile

Players have been waiting some time for Overwatch 2 to finally be released for retail sale. The new rumours surrounding the downgrade for mobile users is only adding to the disappointment surrounding the pushed back release.

The whole rumour was synopsized by artist and animator BixelsWixels on Twitter. They had a post showing three screenshots comparing Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

BixelsWixels points out in the tweet what they describe as “simplified” designs in Overwatch 2 that removes a large amount of detail. BixelsWixels notes that the downgrade in visuals can likely be attributed to Blizzard’s move to bring Overwatch 2 to mobile devices.

They tweeted: “Design differences between Overwatch 1 (on the right) and Overwatch 2 (on the left). Rumour has it they’re ‘simplifying’ designs because the game will be mobile compatible.

“Brags about graphical improvements, ‘greater detail,’ and ‘higher fidelity.’ Literally downgrades to mobile game graphics.”

Fans have been reacting to the rumours, noting how the already “damaged” brand of Overwatch appears to now be heading even further down the rabbit hole.

One fan tweeted: “These are the only people in the world to actively find ways to keep harming an already harmed game. Literally, who is gonna buy Overwatch 2 at this point?”

Another player would write: “Basically every game is being forced onto mobile, even Apex Legends is being pushed onto mobile and my guess is it’s for audiences in Asia and the like but still there’s no reason to literally downgrade PC designs for mobile wtf.”

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The company are obviously looking at ways to boost the player base of the already massive Esports title. Games such as PUBG have had incredible success on mobile platforms, and Overwatch 2 could reach an even bigger audience when it is made available for handheld devices.

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