Genshin Impact 2.5 Update: Players React to Yae Miko Buffs

Players have reacted to the apparent buffs to Yae Miko

Yae Miko is set to be released into Genshin Impact 2.5 Update, and now players have reacted to the reported buffs that are coming to the character ahead of release.

The changes to the character were leaked earlier this week by UBatcha, and there’s been a lot of discussion from the Genshin Impact community since then.

Whilst there are some who are happy with the changes, there is a good amount of players who are not looking forward to what miHoYo have planned.

Here’s everything you need to know about the reactions to the Yae Miko buffs that are reportedly coming as part of Genshin Impact 2.5 Update.

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Players React to Yae Miko Buffs

One Redditor made a whole thread about the changes that are being introduced to the character during the Beta for 2.5 Update.

They wrote: “Previous Yae Miko Kit Update :

  • Yae Miko Skill get 100% uptime at C0 (C2 needed previously) that makes her playable and makes her C0 deals more damage even if her Burst CD is still a bit long (22s)
  • Level 4 of her Skill is now available at C2 (C6 before) Nice F2P update
  • Her C1 can generate now 24 Energy (21 before) which is nice but not enough for her 90 Energy Cost burst
  • Yae Miko skill Ignore 60% DEF (45% before) Only real damage boost

“Is there a problem with Yae Miko Kit?

Yes, a lot :

  • Her extremely low base ATK even for catalyst users
  • Still long burst CD
  • Still too high Burst Energy Cost compare to the low damage multipliers (if that burst cost is for Raiden Burst DMG Boost… she still need a C1 upgrade again, 3 more energy isn’t enough)
  • Need a little Skill Aoe
  • Need a better C6
  • Need a better Signature Weapon”

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Another player would agree with the issues brought up by the OP, writing: “I kinda agree with this, plus a better A4, please.

“Her Atk is lower than Qiqi, her multipliers are less than Oz’s(has more uptime tho) and her Q multipliers are definitely not worthy of the cost or CD. I hope beta testers don’t get distracted by her flashy new buffs and insist on buffing her DMG/AoE.”

We’re expecting that even more information for the 2.5 Update will be leaked ahead of the official release in the middle of February 2022, so keep checking back on GiveMeSport for all of the latest on the game!

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