League of Legends: Riot Games Reveal Udyr Changes


As many of you know Udyr is in the process of having a rework/ update as he is an old and outdated Champion in League of Legends.

Thanks to Ryan ‘’Reav3’’ Mireles of Riot Games we have got an insight into what they are focused on and what he could be like when he is released.

This will be a brief article on what has been said by the developers.

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What does Riot Games want to do with Udyr?

1. They have said that they want to preserve Udyr’s stance-changing identity and keep him as a primarily auto-attack/melee-focused champion. They also want to add more interest to his stances to make him more modern.
2. They also want to make his Visuals more modern and up to League of Legends standards
3. They also want to make his portrayal closer to that of his Lore so that he has stronger ties to Freljord.
4. They also decided to remove the antlers from the new model.

What has changed with Udyr?


Koingyeal ‘’Koing’’ Jang, Animator for Udyr, said: “Gameplay Clarity is really important in League [of Legends], and I knew this would be challenging because I needed to look at each of his four stances as separate from each other, but still connected”. He also stated that Udyr still needs to be Udyr whilst having his abilities seem like four different champions.

Phoenix Stance

Koing said that he wants to make this pose look bird-like, magical, and related to ice, he also wants to preserve the wildness. And after a few trials and errors, he came up with an icy swipe trying to bring out the bird-like inspiration and giving him ice wings as a nod to Anivia (Freljord demigod).

Koing’s Ideas

Koing wanted to make Udyr seem like a character from a fighting game but also a character in League of legends.

He also wanted to make Udyr have certain Palettes for each stance and to make the player feel powerful whenever they change the form, He decided to make the VFX’s the same but with different colours.

Bear Stance

  • Udyr’s Bear stance as of right now will have a lightning VFX added to the stance’s bear claws which will indicate that Udyr’s auto attacks are doing something extra, as well as lighting effects whilst he is idle.
  • When Udyr is attacking enemies his next two empowered attacks will shoot a lightning chain around all enemies nearby.
  • If there is only one target it will just do more damage to the single target.

As far as VFX is to go that is everything they have on him so far, there is a brief mention of his skins and what they could look like.


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