Cristiano Ronaldo: Piers Morgan reacts to Man Utd superstar's latest interview with tweet

Is Piers Morgan right about Man Utd?

Cristiano Ronaldo showed what an elite mentality he possesses in his latest interview.

The Portuguese superstar recently spoke to Sky Sports and declared that Manchester United finishing outside the top three is simply never an acceptable outcome.

Ralf Rangnick’s Red Devils side are currently seventh in the Premier League table after a disastrous 1-0 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers last time out.

For a player like Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner and a man with over 800 career goals to his name, that is just not on and he’s made his feelings about the club’s current plight very, very clear.

Ronaldo: Man Utd should win the league or be second or third

Ronaldo in action

“Manchester United should win the league or be second or third,” he told Sky Sports ahead of United’s trip to play Steven Gerrard‘s Aston Villa side on Saturday evening.

“I don’t see other positions for Manchester United to be honest, I don’t see. In my eyes, I don’t accept that our mentality be less than to be in the top three in the Premier League.

“We are capable to change things now. I don’t know the specific way I’m a player, not the coach, the president, I know the way but I’m not going to mention it here because I think it’s not ethic [sic] from my part to say that.

“What I can say and something I can say we are in control, we can do it better, all of us. Manchester belongs in important things, we have to change that.

“I don’t want to be here in a club to fight to be in sixth or seventh or fifth place, I’m here to try to win, to compete. I think we compete but we are not yet at our best level. Long way to improve and I believe if we change our mind, we can achieve big things.”

Piers Morgan reacts

After the footage was officially released, Ronaldo’s interview quickly went viral on social media and Piers Morgan – a known famous fan of the 36-year-old – was one of the many to react.

The English journalist even called out the rest of the United squad in his reaction tweet, claiming that there are “too many overpaid younger prima donnas” at Old Trafford.

Morgan's tweet

Morgan wrote: “Just watched the full 20-minute interview. If United’s whole squad had Ronaldo’s mentality, they’d win everything. But they don’t – too many overpaid younger prima donnas strutting around like they’re football gods when their records aren’t fit to lace @Cristiano’s boots.”

There are probably a fair few United fans who share the same opinion as Morgan at this moment in time…

And those same supporters will be absolutely fuming if Rangnick and his players are unable to beat Gerrard’s Villa for the second time in a week on Saturday evening.

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A must-win Premier League game? You better believe it and if United don’t emerge victorious, Ronaldo may start pondering his future at the club.

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