WWE Royal Rumble: Fan favourite set to miss PPV due to injury

  • Ash Rose
Royal Rumble

Xavier Woods is set to miss this month’s Royal Rumble after revealing he’s currently suffering from a torn plantaris injury.

Woods, who is currently enjoying a run as King Xavier Woods thanks to a King of the Ring win last October, sustained the injury during a tag match with The Usos on January 7th. During the bout, Woods jumped into the ring to deliver a DDT, but in the process caused the injury.

Speaking to G4’s Attack of the Show, the multiple-time Tag Team Champion revealed he’d suffered a torn plantaris and described the moment it happened as he attempted the DDT on Jey Uso.

“Yeah, so I was jumping in the ring to do a DDT. I spring off the bottom rope and grab the guy and then run his head into the ground hopefully shattering all the bones in his body so I can pin him and win the match, and make more money. So I did that part still but in the process — No, just jumping off the rope, so nothing like — not a shark attack, not a steel chair hit, not a machine gun, not a machete. I just jumped.”

The New Day star did manage to finish the match despite the injury, admitting some modifications were made, while also revealing that he could be on the shelf for four-six weeks. A time frame that would rule him out of this month’s Royal Rumble match.

“I still had some stuff to do. But in those situations, you’ve got to figure out like, ‘Am I hurt to the point where I can no longer like go forward? Am I hurt to the point where I could mess up and possibly negatively affect someone else’s health?’ You gotta keep everybody safe in there, and I was okay. You know, this sucks. I can’t do this or that but I can do this for this. We finished everything and it’s all cool. So, like, four to six weeks, and I’ll be good.”

With Sasha Banks already ruled out of the women’s Royal Rumble match with a leg injury, Woods becomes the second major WWE Superstar to miss out on January’s big event.

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