Conor McGregor wannabe, Maurice Adorf, getting battered & destroyed


It’d be fair to say Conor McGregor isn’t necessarily a bad person to imitate?

A former UFC featherweight and lightweight double champion, McGregor became a household name not only for his work in the Octagon, but for his irresistible swagger, trash talk and bravado.

Love him or hate him, McGregor ALWAYS had people talking about him.

And for a time, so too did his German wannabe Maurice Adorf, but for all the wrong reasons.

Adorf, appropriately nicknamed ‘Mild Mac’, is a lightweight fighter who shares frightening resemblance with The Notorious, all of which are by design.

From the beard and tattoos all the way down to mannerisms and fighting stance, it’s clear Maurice wanted a bit of that McGregor pie, and was going to take it by becoming the UFC legend.

Or so he hoped.


Though he had adopted other mannerisms of McGregor, such as walk-ons, pre-match routine and even weigh-in intimidation tactics, Adorf was on borrowed time by the moment he stepped into the Octagon for GMC (German MMA Championship) in 2019.

Fighting Alexander Weins, all of the McGregor-isms were on show, but none of them mattered by the time the fight began.

Adorf’s weak defence was highlighted immediately by Weins, who after one right hook to the face had the fight in his grasp.

A suplex and various knees followed that weakened Maurice, who survived seconds longer before a plethora of strikes and kicks later put him down for good.



Straight, simple and to the point, the story of Maurice Adorf, Conor McGregor’s wannabe. A bittersweet tale of hilarity and embarrassment, all wrapped up tightly in a bow by a swift kick to the face.

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