Craziest red card? Youssouf Mulumbu completely lost his cool vs West Ham in 2013


The Premier League has, for years, been the home of some of the most attractive football on the planet.

From Fernando Torres to Kevin De Bruyne, Cesc Fabregas to Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry to Alan Shearer, England's top flight has always delivered the goods.

There's a reason it is one of the most coveted leagues in the world for up and coming players fiercely chasing their dreams.

Manchester City have dominated the competition in recent years after Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea all had a go at building mini dynasties.

However, while the Premier League has built a reputation for world class, cutting edge football, it has had its moments when certain players have truly lost the plot.

Considering the sheer competitiveness of the league it's actually a surprise that it doesn't happen more often but there can be no arguing that, when the red mist descends, it does so with a vengeance.


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Never has that been more apparent than when Youssouf Mulumbu lost his rag while playing for West Brom in 2013.

With West Brom careering towards a hefty 3-1 loss vs West Ham, Mulumbu's frustrations boiled over in second-half stoppage time after he felt a tug while trying to break through in midfield.

What followed will go down as one of the most iconic moments in Premier League history.

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Mulumbu picked up the ball, and, without taking a moments cause, belted it straight at Gary O'Neil with unerring accuracy and substantial force.

He was instantly given a red card and showed little in the way of remorse as he continued his tantrum while he made his way off the field.

Mulumbu's fume continued as he made his way down the tunnel, having left the small brawl that had broken out in the aftermath of his hot-headedness.

The commentator simply couldn't believe what he had seen as he remarked just how frustrated Mulumbu must have been to do what he did.

Mulumbu later apologised for his actions after he was banned for three games saying:

"I want to apologise again. After it happened, I knew it was a big mistake from me. Normally, I'm calm and I love to play football.

"I was wrapped up in the atmosphere of the game and I wanted to win. I was disappointed, but it's a good lesson for me and I need to move on now. I feel like I've let my team-mates and the fans down."

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