Brock Lesnar has been so stacked throughout WWE & UFC career his chest has two tiers

  • Josh Mann

Brock Lesnar is one of the most stacked athletes around.

Weighing in at around 130kg, as well as standing tall at 6ft 3in, there is a clear reason as to why he has earned the amount of success in his career that he has.

Whether it be in the Octagon with UFC or in the squared circle with WWE, The Beast Incarnate has been a huge success.

Now that could largely be down to how he looks and the unreal shape that he has kept himself in throughout his career, even to this day.

A recent Twitter post made by talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy highlights just how stacked Lesnar truly is and has been throughout his career, emphasising the fact his chest somehow has two separate tiers!

We didn’t even know that was possible, but this is Brock Lesnar we are talking about!

Brock Lesnar’s Career

The 44-year-old South Dakota-born wrestler has lost only three out of nine fights in an MMA career spanning nine years from 2007 to 2016.

Lesnar also joined the US Army National Guard when he was just 17, but was later discharged for failing a computer typing test. Lesnar has also had a brief NFL career, which he took up in March 2004 after WrestleMania XX.

Despite a strong showing at the NFL Combine, Lesnar was involved in a motorcycle accident in April, where he suffered a broken jaw and left hand, a bruised pelvis and a pulled groin.

These injuries would ultimately be a setback for Lesnar in his NFL career, despite working out with the Minnesota Vikings.

He ended up signing with the Vikings in July of 2004, playing in several pre-season games before his release after just over a month.

Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest cash cows, with his 12 pay-per-view bouts in total racking in a whopping $4,822,000 in sales from PPV buys.

This is the case even more so for MMA, where in just nine bouts, he reeled in $7,889,000 in sales.

Lesnar is a legend to many in the MMA and WWE world, and his physique will forever be remembered.

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