Cristiano Ronaldo: Patrice Evra's story highlighting Man Utd star's winning mentality is brilliant

Evra & Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo once again proved in his latest interview that his winning mentality has never waivered.

Ronaldo’s mentality has often been touted as one of the most important parts of his game. The dedication the Portuguese superstar has shown in every aspect of his career is unmatched.

The Manchester United forward’s incredible physical condition at 36-years-old is another testament to his mindset, maintaining just 7% body fat.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports Ronaldo told reporters that it would be unacceptable for United to finish below third in the Premier League.

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The 36-year-old explained: “Manchester United should win the league or be second or third. I don’t see any other position for Manchester United, to be honest.
“In my heart, I don’t accept that our mentality be less than being in the top three in the Premier League, in my opinion. We are capable to change things now.
“I don’t want to be here in the club to fight to be in sixth place, or seventh place, or fifth place. I’m here to try to win.”

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Ronaldo has competed at the highest level during every stage of his career, and sometimes even outside of it.

Patrice Evra once shared a hilarious story that proved just how important winning is to the Portuguese legend.

Speaking on ITV Sport’s World Cup podcast in 2018, Evra explained the story of Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand’s game of table tennis.

He said: “They were playing table tennis and Rio beat him and we were all screaming and Ronaldo was so upset.
“Then he sent his cousin to buy a table tennis table. He trained for two weeks at home and he came back and he beat Rio in front of everyone. That’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
“That’s why I am not surprised today that he wants to win another Golden Ball, why he wants to win the World Cup because he’s an angry man.”

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Although it was only a short anecdote, the story proves the dedication Ronaldo is willing to put in to achieve his goals… Even if that goal is simply to win a game of table tennis.

There are many stories like this that demonstrate Ronaldo’s teammates at Manchester United can learn a lot from the superstar, if you want to be the absolute best then you need to take that attitude into every aspect of your life.

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