League of Legends: Predicting the LEC Spring Split 2022

LEC Spring Split 2022

With the new LEC Season starting and League of Legends fans getting excited about it, let’s take a look at who we think will place where at the table.

In 2021, we saw MAD Lions be Crowned Kings of Europe, not only in the Spring Split, but also winning automatic qualification to Worlds with their win in the Summer Split Playoffs, and they will no doubt be challenging for the title again.

Last year’s runners-up in the Summer Playoffs, Fnatic, have almost had an entire roster shakeup, but continue to have a strong squad.

So who do you think will come wherein the LEC Table? Let’s take a look at our Predictions:

(10) Team BDS

Team BDS

Coming in at 10th is the newest team to LEC. They bought the rights to a place in the LoL, however, their team is not very strong, they managed to pick up a top-laner from Fnatic, but their jungler mid and ADC are all inexperienced players. They did manage to get support from the team they replaced in the league.

(9) SK Gaming

SK Gaming

SK Gaming was an old EU LCS team before it became LEC has not reached the same heights they were once at and don’t look like they will this season, they managed to keep the same top laner, whilst picking up a stronger hunger. However, this is met with negatives as they completed their Roster with a young and inexperienced mid and ADC which could potentially cause them to struggle to compete. Lastly, they finished off their team with their former jungler being moved to support, could this be a good decision or a bad one, we will find out.

(8) Astralis


Seventh place last year they might have a solid bot lane in Kobbe who is highly underrated, and Promisq who has been a regular in the LEC. But the rest of their team are a lot weaker than the players in the other teams if they finish any higher than 8th it will be because their bot lane carries them.

(7) Excel


A funny one here. Excel finished 8th last year and could do the same again if it wasn’t for the fact that Astralis seems to have downgraded. Excel has a very young team going into the spring split with a little bit of experience in their Top, Jungle and Support, however, a very strong Midlaner in Nukeduck who has been in the LEC for years.

To finish off the team, they have a young but very experienced ADC in Patrik. This team could be a surprise this year but seeing as their team looks like it might have got worse we will stick them in 7th.

(6) Misfits


After finishing in fourth last year, Misfits had an awful time in the Playoffs for the Summer Split, and they look to be the weakest taking up a playoff spot at the end of this coming Spring split. They managed to keep hold of the same top and mid laner which could be vital for them, but the rest of their roster is filled with inexperienced young players, and this could be their downfall.

(5) MAD Lions

MAD Lions

A surprise choice some might say here. Last year they came third in the league but went on to win the playoffs and win automatic qualification to Worlds.

However, their roster was picked apart by bigger teams, leaving them with three of their five previous players, and only completing the team with 2 inexperienced youngsters. But you never know sometimes you get young players that break into the scene and dominate.

(4) G2


You can never put doubt on G2, their wild playstyle and dominance in lanes are always a given. However, they do look a little weaker than last season, maybe the weakest of this Top 4 lane by lane.

Fnatic have a new top laner who is very strong but not the best in the LEC. They managed to keep Jankos and Caps who arguably are the best in the LEC and could be what carries them to 1st place.

Despite this, their bot lane is completely new with very little experience in pro play and this could make or break for them.

(3) Fnatic


In this top 4, any one of the teams could come first.

Fnatic managed to steal away G2’s top lane Wunder which is the opposite of what normally happens to see as G2 are usually the ones to take players from Fnatic, could this be revenge?

Their jungler is a young player with a lot of experience and he could impress. It was also mentioned that players were stolen from MAD Lions and one of them went to Fnatic Humanoid being one of the best players in the LEC last year could prove huge for Fnatic.

They didn’t just gain some strong Roster changes, but they also managed to keep their bot lane who are both very good players and this could be the glue that keeps them together.

(2) Rogue


This was the team that came top of the LEC regular season in the Summer Split and they managed to keep the majority of their team together. The only changes made was in the form of a young Korean player coming into the jungle from a big team Damwon, and they brought in Comp from Team Vitality who was also a top 6 last year.

(1) Team Vitality

Team Vitality

They were 6th last year but this Spring Split they could come first with some huge signings in Perkz, who returns from the LCS and is coming back for his Throne in the midlane.

Carzzy who was one of the few youngsters that proved to be a huge star taken from MAD Lions. They also picked up Alphari who is a huge improvement from their previous top laner, and Selfmade will be playing in the second split for Team Vitality who might well be the best jungler in the league. To add the cherry to their already luscious cake – they maintained their support.


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