League of Legends: Top 10 Support Champions (Iron)


Many players in the League of Legends community would argue that Support is the most important role in the game.

The reason for that is because they can make or break a team fight, either by getting off an important ultimate or simply by keeping their team alive with shields or heals.

One of the amazing things about this role is that they can be a tank, a high damaging AP Champion, or AD, and they can be a healer or a shielder, sometimes even an assassin.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Supports in Iron for League of Legends:

(10) Rell


Rell is the first on this list coming in at number 10 with the lowest win rate on this top 10 at 51.53%. Despite her high win rate, she is only banned 0.4% of the time. She does badly against Maokai, Shaco, and Rakan, but well against Janna, Vex, and Karma.

(9) Veigar


This Champion is a high Damage AP character that endlessly scales his win rate is a high 51.64% and has a low ban rate of 5.2%, However, he does badly against Maokai, Nami, and Swain but really well against Neeko, Braum, and Leona.

(8) Lux


Lux is an S+ Champion and her win rate shows why her 52.47% is very good and this is met with a very high 37.4% ban rate, she does badly against Vel’koz, Zilean, and Maokai, but well vs Neeko, Yuumi and Galio.

(7) Blitzcrank


He has always been a dangerous Champion in lower ranks due to his Hook which is certain death for some champions if they don’t have their flash and his 53.36% win rate shows why as well as the fact that he has a 30.5% ban rate, this could increase his win rate if it had been lower, he does badly against Janna, Bard, and Swain. Blitzcrank does however do well against Braum, Teemo, and Galio.

(6) Sett


Sett is a very strong Champion and he seems to be doing well as a support in Iron his 53.82% win rate is proof of that, he also has a very high ban rate of 17.6%, Sett struggles against Singed, Nautilus, and Alistar, but does well vs Teemo, Galio, and Ziggs.

(5) Zyra


She is a high damage AP Champion her win rate of 53.91% shows this however her ban rate is only 3.5% despite the fact that she is played quite regularly. She does badly against Maokai, Teemo, and Braum, but very well against Anivia, Alistar ad Rakan.

(4) Amumu


The Sad Mummy has a 54.06% win rate and his low ban rate of 2.4% reflects his low pick rate, he struggles against Zoe, Braum and Galio, however, he does well vs Anivia, Teemo, and Taric.

(3) Swain


Swain has been a strong Support option for a while now and Iron players love him he has a 54.07% win rate, and despite how often he is picked his ban rate is very low at 3.8%, he does badly against Amumu, Neeko, and Seraphine. But he does perform well against Alistar, Malphite, and Rakan.

(2) Brand


Number 2 on this list, Brand, has a huge win rate at 54.81% and a huge ba rate at 19.2% as well as being very popular in this Elo, he struggles against Shaco, Amumu, and Xerath but does well against Vex, Yuumi, and Rakan.

(1) Shaco


The King of Support in Iron is Shaco, his 56.17% win rate is huge, and the fact that he is barely played but still has a massive 23.1% ban rate, However, if you want to try and stop this Champion try picking Veigar, Nami or Blitzcrank. But try to avoid playing Vel’Koz, Rell, and Zyra.


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