Buffalo Bills star Efe Obada rips his former team Carolina Panthers for missing the playoffs

  • Tom Ward
Buffalo Bills star Efe Obada mocks Carolina Panthers for missing the playoffs

Buffalo Bills star Efe Obada fired a playful comment at the Carolina Panthers after they missed the playoffs for the fourth straight season in a row.

Obada, 29, spent three years with the Panthers before signing a one-year deal with the Bills last year. 

But it seems like any sense of loyalty he might have felt towards his former employers has now completely vanished as he couldn’t resist rubbing salt in the wounds following their crushing 41-17 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Obada’s cheeky dig came during a media conference call earlier this week ahead of Sunday’s NFL clash with the New England Patriots.

When asked to explain the differences between the two teams, he bluntly replied: “We’re in the playoffs?”

Before adding: “No, I’m joking. I just think the atmosphere is different.

“When I was in Carolina, we went through a change in management from Ron Rivera to Matt Rhule, and they brought in different systems. 

The British NFL star used to play for the Carolina Panthers

“But every year is different regardless of whether you’re on the same team or not because everyone knows it’s a revolving door.

“It’s different in Buffalo, we’ve got a lot of really good players, and a lot of really good coaches. 

“We’ve got a lot of guys that are committed, I’m not saying that it wasn’t like that in Carolina, but it’s more than I’ve seen before.”

Now in his fourth season in the NFL, it’s a far cry from the rough streets of London, which Obada used to call home. 

Efe Obada now plays for the Buffalo Bills

And he credits Dallas Cowboys coach Aden Durde for helping him transform his life forever. 

“From day one, he was the first person that believed in me when nobody else did,” he added. 

“He was able to make sure that opportunity with Dallas happen in terms of the workout and that changed the whole trajectory of my life. 

“In terms of him as a coach, he’s f—— amazing, he’s amazing. 

Efe Obada reacts after sacking Cam Newton

“You can see it, he’s an NFL coach in the Dallas Cowboys, and they’re doing amazing things.

“One thing that stuck with me every time I was struggling or I thought training was hard, he would say, ‘Don’t feel sorry for yourself’, so that’s something that really stuck with me. 

“We all go through life and sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves but it’s just something that happened that really impacted me.

“When things get hard, I’ve just learned not to feel sorry for myself and keep pushing.”

Watch Efe Obada and the Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots live on Sky Sports NFL and NFL Redzone, live from 1.15am this Sunday 16 January. 

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